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Conference season is in full swing. I am looking forward to a session I am co-facilitating tomorrow called “Social Media – The Impact to Diversity Recruiting”. It’s at the 2011 Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity, in Minneapolis.

In building out the content and research for the topic, a lot of information has been published from a variety of sources related to social media – and recent stats.

Whether you are a self proclaimed “guru”, a user, a junkie, are building a business case, or are just interested…  take a seat for some of the latest stats related to social media.

YouTube stats:

  • 2 billion videos viewed, every day
  • 24 hours of video uploaded, every minute
  • More video is uploaded in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 years
  • 46 years of videos watched a day, on facebook via YouTube
  • YouTube’s auto speech recognition tech translates video and captions into 51 languages

Facebook Stats:

  • #1 Most visited web site
  • 500+ Million active members
  • 700+ Billion minutes are spent on facebook, every month
  • 20+ Million apps installed daily
  • 900+ Million objects people interact with
  • 200+ Million access via a mobile device
  • Average user generates 90 pieces of content every month
  • 250+ Million people engage with facebook on external sites

LinkedIn stats:

  • 100 Million+ members
  • 1 Million new members every week
  • 17.8 Million belong to groups
  • 1.2 million comments and posts to groups each week
  • 2 billion people searches annually
  • 1 million companies have a company page

Twitter Stats:

  • 200+ Million users
  • 40+ Billion tweets
  • 140 Million tweets a day
  • 300,000+ apps
  • 1,000+% growth
  • 400 employees
  • 500,000 accounts added, daily

Google Stats:

  • 1+ Billion searches daily
  • 20% of searches are for local information
  • Google maps guided users 12 billion miles in 2010
  • 300 Million+ “Job” related searches every month

Mobile Stats:

  • 5.3 Billion subscribers
  • 6.1 Trillion SMS messages sent in 2010
  • 10.9 Billion apps downloaded
  • By 2013 mobile will overtake PC’s as the most common web access device

You can also view these statistics, which have been uploaded to SlideShare:

The slides from the presentation on diversity will be posted tomorrow.  Until then, text, search, watch, friend, like, link, share, and tweet away.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
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    1. Jason, Your website and these stats are AWESOME! Your information ROCKS!
      Keep up the great job Jason. I love sharing your information. You make me look good (tehehehehehe).

    2. Jason Buss says:

      Thanks Judy! You are too kind! I enjoy what I do, and I’m glad you find the content valuable.

    3. Really like the new & improved site.

      Re: the above post, great stats and info re: social media!

      Here are a couple of additional factoids you (and your readers) may find interesting:

      1. Facebook is absolutely becoming a major player in the mobile social space. Per their latest stats: “There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.” Source:

      2. Mobile usage in the U.S. is definitely picking up. We’re no longer the “laggards” in mobile the way we once were. As of 12/2010, we finally achieved 302M mobile subscriptions in the U.S. -> Source:

      Looking forward to checking out your presentation when it’s available. :)


    4. Jason Buss says:

      Michael, thanks for the feedback and the additional stats!

    5. Tamam says:

      I found your statistical info valuable, Jason. I thank you for that!

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