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Recruiting award and recognition.

Recognizing and awarding recruiters and talent acquisition organizations is no new concept.  This approach is.  When it comes to identifying and selecting the best of the best in recruiting, this Recruiting Awards site is taking a slightly different approach.

Recruiting award and recognition.
In about a month, will fully launch and re-define being selected as a leader in the recruiting space. How?

  • Crowdsource style voting approach – led by practitioners, not self-proclaimed experts.
  • Winners will receive a little more recognition than a trophy and their name online (stay tuned).
  • The venue.  Awards will be presented live with thousands of Recruiters at the upcoming 2011 LinkedIn Talent Connect Conference in Las Vegas.

Follow @RecruitingAward on twitter, check out, and sign up to receive updates and notification of the official launch – and all the details.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
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    1. Interesting concept, Jason — one that we’ve experimented with in the past in a number of different ways, only to see it turn into a glorified popularity contest. I have a few thoughts that I would be happy to share with whoever is putting this together — is that you?

    2. Jason Buss says:

      The concept won’t purely be based on # of votes (i.e. popularity). Happy to connect!

    3. Chris Hoyt says:

      Funny this would come up today…

      Would love to see more on this.


    4. Jason Buss says:

      Thanks Chris, agree w/ so many points in your post. Let’s connect, happy to share more.

    5. This is a wonderful concept that allows peers to recognize talent within our space. I hope I can be a part of helping grow this recognition system.

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