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As LinkedIn gets closer to its’ 7th Anniversary this May, the professional networking site is picking up steam on College and University Campuses world-wide.  The site surpassed 55 million users in December, 2009.  Their members span all 7 continents and 200 countries are represented.  A new member joins every second.

So what’s next for the professional networking giant? It’s moving on Campus.

Recruiters have talked for years about using LinkedIn for sourcing, networking, and referrals.  Not much has been said about using LinkedIn for campus recruiting efforts, until now.

Consider the following:

  • LinkedIn has already attracted students from high quality schools.  How many? 22% of the Seniors registered on LinkedIn go to the U.S. News 100 top schools.
  • 54% of the graduating class at the Top 25 schools are on LinkedIn.
  • Overall engagement and participation on the site is highest during Junior and Senior years.

These numbers will only continue to grow as the site becomes more popular on Campus, and with LinkedIn continuing to brand itself with Career Centers across the globe.

Quality, career-oriented students are well represented and active on LinkedIn and there are many ways to engage and recruit them.  Are you?

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  • Posted on: Monday, February 8th, 2010
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    1. Amod Damle says:

      Definitely the right direction for LinkedIn. Infact – the more savy students and internship hunters have already been using LinkedIn to connect with their recruiters/network to stay current and in touch.

    2. Thanks for sharing these stats. I think this trend provides an excellent opportunity for employers and colleges to create new and creative approaches to recruit college graduates. While traditional college recruiting strategies should still incorporate postings, on-campus interviews, etc, I think there’s a need to focus more on the relationship and networking side of college recruitment. Communicating directly with potential employees via LinkedIn and other social media/networking outlets, you change the conversation and have the potential begin to incorporate different types (and more effective) of recruitment strategies. Thanks again!

    3. Chris Wicker says:

      I agree, social networking sites like LinkedIn need to make the move to college campuses and it looks like LinkedIn has taken the right steps initially. As a recruiting organization how are you going to ensure that the efforts and activities put forth to attract these individuals are secure and protected once these students are attracted to your brand and you begin the conversation? An organization’s talent community needs to be protected not only for it’s investment, but for the members who join. The conversations and engagement of college students is very important to both sides and these activities must take place in a secure and protected space to fully engage these individuals. Security is still an issue at LinkedIn when talking about groups and networking connections. Just some thoughts…

    4. Satyam Gambhir says:

      Well, what shall I say!!

      I am a student and have been using linkedin from around six months now. For me, initially I didn’t used linkedin for networking and connecting with prospective employers. I tried and discuss my class learnings from people who are currently working and have been trying to plug the difference that exists between class learnings and work place practices.

      Soon I realized, what a great platform it is to connect to sensible people (unlike other social networking sites) and by the time i realized to use linkedin as a platform to link, I already had around a 100 connections.

      Its a great initiative, linkedin needs to reach to maximum. With its growth, we are growing!
      Recruiters are already using such sites to judge applicants through their activities. However, with its growth linkedin must also find new ways to help its users find the right people. It should now make all its services for free. Not everyone who needs linkedin can/is ready to pay.

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