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Talk to Ted Williams, CEO and Founder of GrouperEye for a few minutes and you’ll quickly understand the difference he’s attempting – and about to make in the college recruiting space.

Over the past decade not much has changed with college recruiting.  For the most part companies  have focused on building relationships with Career Centers and staff, Faculty, and Student Organizations.  Many sponsor events and clubs, hold information sessions, and attend career fairs.

Characteristics of this approach has always been more focused on specific Universities vs. talent across thousands of Universities, and lets face it, boring yet a fairly safe bet for Recruiters.  John Sullivan wrote an article and estimates this is the approach being used by 95% of companies.

For Ted, what has been missing in all of that is very clear.  A platform to build relationships and a true talent community (not just a database of names), in addition to observing and assessing students real work talent with case competitions.

Until now…  GrouperEye is set to launch on September 15th, and plans to take the college recruiting landscape in a very different direction.  A direction that is truly talent centric and one that focuses on communities, interaction, and engagement vs. a costly approach based on the number of schools and career fairs a Recruiter visits.  And, a direction that engages Faculty and Career Centers in the process, in a more meaningful and mutually beneficial way.


While the focus until now has been focused on events and job postings (niche boards for those that talk about innovation), this approach enables organizations to have students engage in a process and enter into a relationship a lot more meaningful than applying for a job online.  Think about the possibilities…  A company like Disney can ask engineering students to design their next ride. Insurance and investment companies can ask actuarial students to design new products.  A marketing company can ask marketing students to design a product launch plan.  All of this done simultaneously from students anywhere that you choose to engage in the process with.


While the concept of case competitions is not a new, I think Ted and his team are pretty pumped.  With a platform like GrouperEye and the opportunities that exist with College Recruiting, they have every reason to be.

Interested in being an early adopter? You can e-mail Ted directly or contact him at 202.431.7509.

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  • Posted on: Monday, August 31st, 2009