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By @jjbuss.

When it comes to twitter, you might be a twitterholic, a newbie, or still wondering “what’s the point“?  Regardless of who we you are and what you think, the twitter community continues to grow at an astounding rate with millions of users and over 1.1 billion tweets.

The micro-blogging leader also continues to get an impressive amount of coverage.  Some think  not enough, and others think it’s overkill.

There’s something for everyone…  Here are 41 useful news stories and blog posts, within the past week alone:

  1. Twitter launches suggestion tool
  2. Why no twitter search from the big guys?
  3. Whiter twitter?
  4. Twitter.  It’s about people.  Not Technology.
  5. Twitter as a target market research tool.
  6. Scoble starts his FriendFeed/Twitter Monetization Strategy
  7. Thinking about twitter:  A submarine in the ocean of the Web
  8. Twitter may have found its business model
  9. Twitter Power 150
  10. The Culture of Twitter
  11. Twitter goes Mainstream
  12. Review:  Tweetie Twitter Client for the iPhone
  13. Twitter Users Document US Airways Landing
  14. Twittering Tips for Beginners
  15. How to use Twitter as a Marketing Tool
  16. Buy Friends on Twitter, What a Lame Business Model (Or Is It?)
  17. Twitter? What’s that? How do I Use It?
  18. Twitter is the Foundation of the Micro-Blogging Boom
  19. Twitter for Churches
  20. Why numbers are not everything on twitter
  21. Is twitter the dumbest innovation of the century?
  22. Twitter ecosystem is sparking investments
  23. Yahoo uses twitter to filter news
  24. Why Twitter is Doomed to Failure
  25. Twitter is my Village
  26. Any Journalist who hasn’t tried twitter should re-think their Career
  27. Twitter hires its first biz-dev guru
  28. Twitter viral marketing strategies
  29. Post your Twesume – Your Twitter Resume
  30. 10 Twitter Tools to get Information About Your Twitter Stats
  31. Twitter Users Skip this Post – It’s for Everybody Else
  32. 6 Effective Ways to Use Twitter as a Lead Generation Tool
  33. Use Twitter for Relationships, Not Spam
  34. Twitter as an Effective Internet Tool
  35. Obama’s Inaguration on Twitter
  36. BBB Warns of Twitter Trouble
  37. Connect to customers with twitter
  38. Q&A with a Twitter Technologist:  “Think We’re a Startup”f
  39. Twitter:  Looking Beyond the Stupid Stuff
  40. Obama 2.0:  Who’s Leading Who?
  41. Twitter’s Little Known SEO Value

Twitter will continue to receive a tremendous amount of attention – both in the press and through blogs.  It’s sifting through the tens of thousands of stories online to find the ones that add real value, and engaging with the community that matter most.

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  • Posted on: Sunday, January 18th, 2009