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Social media and networking continue to get a lot of hype.  Twitter, as an example, has grown by over 750% in the past 12 months with an astonishing 1 billion tweets and counting!

Applications and tools for these growing sites and platforms are growing quickly too.  If you use twitter, here are 8 newer sites / tools to consider checking out:

  • TWIDENTIFY:  Just launched last week, TWIDENTIFY allows you to search twitter 3 different ways
  • TweetContest:  Launching in a couple of days, contests add some fun into the mix

  • MrTweet:  Add as a friend, and he will DM you a list of influencers and followers you should check out
  • justtweetit:  Add your name to the directory and get found, or find others like you
  • TWEET SCAN:  Get tweets e-mailed to daily or weekly that match keywords you set
  • TwitterImage:  Custom twitter background images for your twitter page
  • Tweet Link Monster:  Eats all of the tweets that the people you follow tweet and spits out the ones that have links in them as an Atom feed
  • WiseStamp:  Enables you to easily customize and add personalized e-mail signatures on any webmail service


Whether you use these or any of the hundreds of apps, sites, widgets, badges, or tools that are available now is a great time to get involved or re-engaged in the twitter community.  Social media and sites like twitter will continue to grow exponentially, and people have chosen there 2-3 communities to really get involved with.  If you spend a majority of your time blasting a one-way conversation to all of your sites / networks through tools like ping, this doesn’t count as engaged or involved… Sorry.

What other tools do you use or recommend for the twitter community?

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  • Posted on: Sunday, January 11th, 2009