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It’s a hiring managers dream. To have their recruiter source and sell a “passive” candidate on the req. Right or wrong, candidates get labeled from passive to active and everything in between. The reality is there is a group of candidates not looking for their next opportunity.

Entelo, a talent search engine which is launching today has put together a white paper touching on the 18 signals of passive candidates, what their behavior is like and what it takes to accept a recruiter’s call.

They have also published the infographic below, to allow recruiters to get inside the brains of passive candidates.


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  • Posted on: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
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    1. Tony Restell says:

      Not sure I agree with the implied definition of a Passive Candidate used here. The infographic suggests that when people start doing certain things that indicate they are about to become active candidates, this is when a recruiter can strike to land the passive candidate.

      I would argue that this is giving recruiters an early heads up that a candidate is about to become active – and so giving them a head start in hiring active candidates. A passive candidate isn’t actively looking and therefore isn’t doing the types of things suggested in this infographic that would indicate they are becoming active…

    2. Jason says:

      getting tired of the classificiations of candidates and over used terms….I recruit for talent…period. Passive, active, passively-active, passive aggressive, actively passive….I don’t care. I will find you….and I want to talk to you.

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