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LinkedIn has made several headlines over the past few weeks, primarily driven by their IPO.  What you haven’t heard about is their continued partnership with recruiting organizations to advance engagement, like the one with Korn / Ferry. This week KF launched a beta social networking / leadership assessment product.  It’s a quick leadership assessment aimed at identifying a users top leadership characteristics.  You can find the assessment on the Korn Ferry site.  Executive Search firms, like most companies in the recruiting space have continued to evolve their products and solutions (and value proposition).  given economic and environmental challenges, in addition to many larger organizations building internal executive search functions.  This latest move will aid Korn / Ferry in building awareness for their talent consulting business.


In addition to building awareness, this inevitably will enable KF to take pilot their assessment with a large number of LinkedIn users and fairly quickly market it via several social platforms.  The opportunity clearly exists through a professionals network to solicit feedback on their leadership strengths as well with a tool like this – beyond traditional “recommendations” on sites like LinkedIn.  Many possibilities exist, kudos to the KF team for leading the charge.

Give the Korn Ferry leadership assessment a test run, and let us know what you think.


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  • Posted on: Thursday, June 9th, 2011
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    1. Lonny Gulden says:

      I took the assessment and found that it correlates nicely with my Strengthsfinder 2.0 top five strengths.

    2. Jason Buss says:


      Thanks for taking the assessment – and the time to leave the feedback for readers!


    3. Hi Jason, what’s your relation with KF? Do you know why you need a LinkedIn profile to conduct this assessment? It doesn’t seems to use any of the LinkedIn data?

    4. Jason Buss says:

      Hi Jacco,

      I do not have a relationship w/ KF of any kind. From my point of view, this is an attempt for KF to leverage the business / social networking space to continue branding their capabilities beyond executive search.


    5. Mark Skillings says:


      I took the assessment partly to see my results and partly as prep for a management class I am teaching so I could inform my class about the process. Also my wife was recently a candidate for a position in which Korn Ferry was the search firm and she took an assessment as part of the process that she has found valuable in her professional development. I also found the assessment to produce results in alignment to my StrengthsFInder, DiSC and MBTI and it was conforming to know I have clearly found my vocational place (and that my vocation aligns with core personal avocations).

      I suspect one reason it is connected to LinkedIn became evident when it provided the option to receive feedback from your connections. I opted to use the minimum three and included my wife who shared with me the feedback process. My suspicion is that Korn Ferry is now developing a ‘file’ on me as they have my results and will have my feedback results as well and someday I may get a call inquiring if I may want to consider a position I seem to be a match for. From my perspective this could produce a secondary benefit to taking the assessment as I get some valuable insight regarding my leadership style (primary benefit) as well as put on the radar screen of a search firm. Could be an interesting recruiting tool for search firms.


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