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I had the opportunity to present at the Minnesota Recruiters Conference last week on Online Recruiting.  A big thanks to the co-founder of the group, Paul DeBettignies, for another great event.

I focused on this topic as a follow-up to an article I wrote a few weeks ago called “Job Seekers Beware“.  These are a few examples to consider as a result of that artcile.

The slides are included below – via SlideShare.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the session.

Some additional context on the session when viewing the slides:

  • The main focus of the session was on “owning” your own content, and controlling the candidate experience.
  • The inference to the examples used again was on partnering with these organizations to stop the job pollution that’s taking place – primarily the sites that are using your content without your knowledge.
  • Put YOUR strategy together based on your organizations needs.  As a specific example, during the session we looked at twitter as a recruiting tool, and the pollution taking place with thousands of jobs channels.  It’s not that an organization shouldn’t consider – or use twitter (or social recruiting for that matter) – it’s about finding out who has your content, where candidates are being driven to, and the results.
  • It’s also about outsourcing what makes sense.  Do you want to manage your organizations twitter channel and followers – or does it make sense to leverage the established job boards already in place? The answer is different for everyone, but again, you need to own the content and clearly know the candidates path to completion – on all sites.

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  • Posted on: Monday, May 3rd, 2010
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    1. Dave Martin says:

      Great presentation.

      I run an aggregator site in the UK, but we do not scrape, and every click is paid for. We are also slightly obsessed with the mission statement “Be Helpful”, as such you will find features that are not on any other aggregator as well as quality control on data accepted.

      As well as aggregation, develop and power mobile recruiting application for Job Boards, Recruiters and HR. In the UK we are the leader in this market space focusing on iPhone with Android and Blackberry releases due very soon. Our UK client list for Mobile includes Monster UK and Total Jobs.

      If you are interested in Mobile Recruiting then reach out to my Blog

    2. Gina Cleo Bloome says:

      As a Recruiting professional and a current job seeker, I can confidently say that all of this clutter is making both sides unworkable.

      Every day I get solicitations to create job agents on new job boards, only to find out they are powered by SimplyHired or Indeed so I am wasting my time as I already have job agents on those sites. As a job seeker, I can tell you, keeping up with the various boards, tweets, linkedin, is a full time job. Which is good or I might succumb to frustration. ;-) But honestly, it is a lot of effort for very little effect. And it is hard to keep all of them straight and you can so easily miss a posting if you blink or take a walk on the beach. I am not sur ehow I am AIRS certified and still my boolean strings generate off point job postings. I am not sure how I would feel about my phone beeping with job leads which are very likely to be off target and my getting charged for the text msg.

      On the other side of the game..most Recruiting teams are buried with opn reqs these days and are deluged by resumes because it is just so bloody easy to apply when you don’t have to actually type and mail a resume anymore. So people apply to dozens of jobs for which they don’t have any of the qualifications.

      This means that the actual Recruiter has less and less time to source, or manage social media to really connect with qualified candidates.

      And then comes the challenge of tracking how people got to you in the first place. The electronic signature simply are not up to the task yet or are prohibitive in time and money to implement for most departments coming out of the dreggs of the recession.

      I think social media works when you have a dedicated staff to manage and source with it but it is hit an miss for a recruiter who has a full req load and no admin support – which is the reality in more than one company I have worked with.

    3. Connie Poll says:

      Great presentation, Jason. You are most definitely in the loop!

    4. Ameer Sherif says:

      That’s a great presentation. We do need more innovative online recruitment solutions which are more effective than current traditional job boards.

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