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HR Examiner is continuing to measure influence. This morning, they announced the top 25 most influential online recruiters, as a follow-up to their quest to identify the most influential people in the world of Human Resources.


To calculate influence HR Examiner partners with Traackr, a Boston based online reputation discovery tool.  You can view the entire list of top recruiters and the prior list published from HR Examiner – the top 25 HR digital influencers of 2009.

I couldn’t agree with John Sumser more when he stated in his post that the world of online recruiting is very “present tense” and that the online world is a “what have you done for me lately” environment that demands attention.  I’ll add it requires an incredible amount of focus and commitment, period.  But, the benefits are mutual and worth the investment.

It’s exciting to be included in the list, and thank you to The Talent Buzz readers for continuing to strengthen the momentum of our online recruiting community. is a new magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital.

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  • Posted on: Friday, February 19th, 2010