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Offering recruiters the ability to scour the Internet for top prospective candidates and leads without spending hours on dozens of individual sites or forming complicated Boolean search strings, AutoSearch recently unveiled its AutoSearch Mobile iPhone and iPod Touch application.

It’s powered by AutoSearch’s web-based sourcing platform and unique filtering technology.

It’s obvious there are several benefits a tool like AutoSearch Mobile can bring to Recruiters, with productivity and efficiency at the top of the list.

To learn more about the benefits of the new mobile recruiting  app, I connected with AutoSearch Founder and 17-year recruiting industry veteran, Lori Fenstermaker.

First things first.  Lori believes Recruiters who are able to source candidates while on-the-go during any part of their day have a definitive leg-up when compared with recruiters who are dependent upon their computers and usually conclude their sourcing efforts when they leave the office for the day.

And while there are tools everywhere available, few compare to the mobile recruiting tool like AutoSearch, which enables recruiters to become more productive by continuing to search for and contact candidates anytime, anyplace.

Lori agrees that social media has dramatically changed the recruiting landscape and opened doors for more qualified candidates to be “found”.  She shared her perspective on the impact of social media on the recruiting process in one word…  Undeniable.  She added, “With the widespread adoption of and increased participation in social media, the number of qualified candidates appearing online has skyrocketed”.

An example she cited was last fall she was trying to source a field service technologist for an electronics lighting company and found it difficult to find this type of candidate online.  They repeated the same online search a year later and returned a multitude of relevant prospects.  Yes, in just one years time.

While some organizations have Recruiters, and others have Recruiters and Sourcers, Lori believes the best recruiters spend the majority of their time reaching out to candidates, rather than burning hours online.  AutoSearch’s goal is to help recruiters optimize their time by making the candidate search process as efficient and targeted as possible. This means automating the Boolean search string process with quick keyword and geographic searches and pulling the results from multiple business and social media web sites into one place. Recruiters can then take their results and immediately begin making contact with prospects.

My take:  While recruiting from an iPhone isn’t yet mainstream, and this app won’t replace a lot of other tools Recruiters utilize, it can and will save a  significant amount of time by not developing boolean search strings and executing them on dozens of individual sites.

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  • Posted on: Monday, October 26th, 2009