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Google.  What would we do without it…  Remember when?

Search engines have made a significant impact to Human Resources and Recruiting.  As an example, the last statistic I saw was 4-5 million job related searches are conducted every day.  HR and Recruiting professionals also use search engines for a variety of job related reasons including researching vendors to reading hot topics on blogs.  Thanks to TalentBar, that has become more convenient.


The TalentBar search engine is a custom Google search engine.

What’s that? It returns results from all over the web, just like a usual search.  The difference is that it will return results related to HR and Recruiting topics.  As of right now, it contains a special index of 627 industry related sites and blogs.  This, in addition to the passive candidate search engine, along with a great community are 3 compelling reasons to join TalentBar if you are not a current member.

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  • Posted on: Sunday, February 22nd, 2009