Corporate Career Site Series – Part 3: Job Aggregator Site and SEO Leader Results 5 Comments

This is a 3 part series, focused on deploying and managing effective corporate career sites. The 3 posts will include:

Part 3: Results unveiled: Integrating SEO and PPC Tools

After seeing the results of the latest recruiting blog poll – with 81% of respondents stating they do not have an overall online recruiting strategy or they need help – the timing is perfect to wrap up this series. In the first two parts I highlighted several high value metrics on measuring your overall investment with an effective corporate career site, as well as 5 ideas to integrate social media into your online recruiting strategy and candidate experience.

For this post, let’s begin with some basic grounding on job board traffic over the past 3 years – as the picture tells the story.

If you’re still relying on the big boards (which can still play a role in your overall strategy), a good place to start is taking 30-50% of your annual spend and trying something different. Sounds aggressive and possibly harsh depending on your overall reliance on the big job boards, but the results are very telling. After implementing a site overhaul in addition to a 6 month pilot with SEO career site leader jobs2web and job aggregator site leader indeed, here are the results:

  • Visitor to candidate conversion ratio doubled – from 9 to 18%.
  • Percentage of traffic generated from search engines from 2.2% to 11.3%
  • Career site ROI tripled
  • Visitor time on the site skyrocketed from 3 minutes to over 8 minutes
  • Site traffic and candidate contacts increased by over 300%.

While it is to early to measure overall the impact on new hire quality, several of the metrics outlined point to an increased number and more targeted audience visiting the site, a higher conversion rate, increased time on the site, search engine traffic doubling (with no change in job board referrals to the top 5 referring URL’s), and the ROI of the site tripling.

Based on the initial success of this initiative the overall online recruiting costs were cut in half, with stronger results. If you’re still not convinced, I know the names of a few job board reps that are trying to recoup lost revenues and are playing let’s make a deal.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
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    5. Tom Bell says:

      A complete SEO / SEM solution does work. Below are data from three TalentBrew case studies:

      After 3 years, a large Healthcare System reduced advertising costs by 75% with a 330% increase in qualified applicants.

      A Fortune 500 service company saved $500 on a cost per hire bases vs. job boards.

      In 2 years, a College System had hired 25% more hires and reduced cost per hire by 60%.

      What is more amazing is the number of companies who resist change and still practice Recruitment 2.0.

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