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Training and Development

Development Planning, Performance Reviews and 360 Feedback are all examples of tools that many organizations utilize to increase an employees development, performance – and ultimately employee engagement.

Well, it’s called “engagement” by most HR folks unless you are behind the scenes where it is likely referred to as “productivity” which results to “higher profits”. What’s ironic is 2 of these “popular” HR practices made the list on Inc. in Jeff Haden’s article “5 Things Remarkable Bosses Never Do“.

Feedback from end users of these processes can quickly lead you to one conclusion:  When not deployed with a sound strategy, great execution, and competent leaders – these activities waste time, create bureaucracy and kill a companies culture.  When done wrong, they are perfect examples of the kinds of things that aid company failure.

Let’s take the example of an employee who is an average performer (on his or her best day) who has 20 years of experience with the company, in the same job. Breaking it to him or her that they really have 1 year of experience, 20 times, is never an easy message.

Marcus Buckingham has been quoted as saying, “Most people do not use their talent, at work, at all”. Think about that statement for 20 seconds.

So how can managers tap into their employees talents and strengths? By focusing on effective development activities (on the job, which account for up to 75% of effective learning.

Hopefully that’s not new news and as our buddy Homer Simpson would say, “Doh”!

Whether you are an employee or in any type of leadership role and have responsibility for a team, skip the seminars, conferences and e-learning – and focus on these 5 approaches to development that will deliver the best growth and impact:

  1. Job Changes (Internally): Lateral moves, transfers, job changes, promotions
  2. Stretch assignments or projects
  3. Mentoring or Coaching
  4. Formal Job Shadowing
  5. Job Changes (Externally)

And remember, if you ever think you are good enough, you have just started your decline.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, April 18th, 2012