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Earlier this year we published an article titled “Job Seekers Beware“.  More recently, we’ve received several e-mail inquiries related to job board scams and job seeker frustration, and questions related to several sites.  Some of the stunts some job boards pull can be classified however you see appropriate.



Words several recruiting professionals used to describe some job boards include scams, cheating, deception, racket, fraud, hoax, and so on.  Try a few google searches and you be the judge based on the results and content:

Another great example is, a site claiming in their solicitations to be #1 on google and the most visited career site by women.  Check out their traffic, if this is the most visited career site by women we’ve got a huge problem.  What’s worse than that? Click on the first job category from their site “Accounting and Auditing Jobs”, and then hover your mouse over one of the job listings that appear.  Their jobs are aggregated from Indeed!!

And, to top it all off in their solicitations to Recruiters, positions themseleves as a place where companies can “outsource diversity hiring” .  Please!

Like we need anymore online job pollution.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
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    2. Christin Davis says:

      I must disagree regarding The position that I have currently I applied to on that site, and was hired. Now that I am with the company, I find some of the best candidates there. is a network of niche sites and thus I have been able to fill some VERY tough positions with candidates sourced from the site, or applicants who found me as they were surfing the web.

    3. Maria Perry says:

      I agree that their are many job board scams over the internet and that boards must be brought forward so that people know about them and avoid using them. Such portals and boards are a complete waste of time. I strongly condemn such kinds of scam boards. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

    4. Michele says:

      Thank you for posting. I have had so many problems with some of the job boards out there that say they are safe and scam free, especially The Ladders and Job Fox. I tell everyone I know NOT to use either job board bc all you will get are emails asking for upgrades. Scam, Spam…

    5. Naomi says:

      It is right to alert people about Jobfox. It is a complete scam. If Jobfox were really not worried about the amount of bad press they wouldn’t have spent time and money to create web pages that claim they are not a scam. They are a scam. They want your money and they don’t return the service they promise.

      Please stay away from Jobfox. I don’t like people who deceive as a way to make money off of the poor.

    6. Sara Kmiecik says:

      Great post – I will definitely tell my friends who are looking for jobs to avoid these sites!

    7. There are many misleading advertisements and scams out there targeted at job seekers. It is important to do your homework and be diligent. If you personal information ends up in the wrong hands or if you spend money for an opportunity it could prove to be costly.

    8. Jackie Johnson says:

      Um, sounds like a response from Anyone who has worked with this site knows that it is a scam. They try to upsell you on everything and deliver no results. The claims of it being a scam are accurate.

    9. john peshek says:

      i got an e- mail from today and they want me to accept a position with them than envolves payment of clients through a bank account, they said they pay a salary plus 8% commision on every transaction, the client pays me then i pay them minus the 8% is this lagit or is it a scam, i mean ive heard of these places but never new if they are real please help…..

    10. Herbert Guendel says:

      You can add Think to the scam list. I sent them a letter and indicated that I was going to contact the US dept. of Labor for deceiving the job seekers. Have not done it because I am short in time.

    11. Hung says:

      I think there could be a scam going on with I have received an email from them about a job position. I have never signup to be a member of to post my resume. So I went onto the website and asked for my owned username and pws. They sent me some generic pws and my email as my username. I signed on to see nothing about myself on the website. The question is how did my name get onto the website in the first place. This is the first time I have ever heard of

    12. Heather says:

      As far as I’m concerned is bad, perhaps not a scam, but not good. I cannot deactivate my account nor turn off the automated emails. I’ve used both the links in the emails as well going into my account settings and turning them off and deactivating the account. Says to wait ten days. It’s been almost two years and I tried at 6 month intervals before I gave up. There is no number to call as well. Maybe time to give it another shot, though I do not have much hope for an email based contact feature.

    13. Stan Kleca says:

      I would stay clear of beyond as well…2 times I was redirected to a third party site trying to apply to a job from beyond and if your not careful you will be signed up to cell phone alerts or who knows what. Then if you actually go to the companies website to see if you can check or confirm that they are in fact hiring for that position you will find that they are not? (as I did) Suspicious to say the least !!!! and I did not like almost being tricked into signing up for a monthly cell phone charge from (the third party site)

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