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Earlier this year we published an article titled “Job Seekers Beware“.  More recently, we’ve received several e-mail inquiries related to job board scams and job seeker frustration, and questions related to several sites.  Some of the stunts some job boards pull can be classified however you see appropriate.



Words several recruiting professionals used to describe some job boards include scams, cheating, deception, racket, fraud, hoax, and so on.  Try a few google searches and you be the judge based on the results and content:

Another great example is, a site claiming in their solicitations to be #1 on google and the most visited career site by women.  Check out their traffic, if this is the most visited career site by women we’ve got a huge problem.  What’s worse than that? Click on the first job category from their site “Accounting and Auditing Jobs”, and then hover your mouse over one of the job listings that appear.  Their jobs are aggregated from Indeed!!

And, to top it all off in their solicitations to Recruiters, positions themseleves as a place where companies can “outsource diversity hiring” .  Please!

Like we need anymore online job pollution.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, October 13th, 2010