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We’ve all looked for a job at some point, and have probably wondered what really happens after sumbitting our Resume online? Or, what takes so long? When can I expect to hear something? What are some tips for using LinkedIn? Which social media sites? Or how to more effectively negotiate? Etc…


We’ve got the answers!  We’re excited to launch a new series on The Talent Buzz, “Ask a Recruiter“, with a great line-up of Recruiters (both agency and corporate) representing small, medium, and Fortune 500 organizations.

No matter what your question is about the job search, interview, or offer process, simply complete the form below, and your question will be answered and published on The Talent Buzz.  You can also click here to submit your question via e-mail – talentquestion (at)  Anyone submitting a question will remain anonymous, unless you state otherwise in the form.

Questions will be answered in the order received, and will be published at a minimum 2 times per week.

If you are a Recruiter and would like to participate in responding, please contact us for consideration.

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  • Posted on: Sunday, April 11th, 2010
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    1. Phil says:


      I’m very interested in starting freelance business and I have done some research. Unfortunately there isn’t much help in this area and this is the reason why I’m writing to you. How do you approach a company’s HR department for filling a job opening if you’re a first time recruiter? Say, company ‘A’ has a job opening ‘z’, and I found a candidate that fit ‘z’ job description and I would like to submit this candidate to company ‘A’. Do I need to write a letter of content, make a phone call … how should I approach this?

      Your response is greatly appreciated,

    2. Karti says:


      I am presently doing a project on recruitment for my masters degree. And i have 4 years of experience in to recruitment. Presently i am planning to conduct a survey with recruitment professionals kindly do let me know any website/blogs where i can get some help from recruitment manager to fill my survey questions. If possible kindly do help me. Waiting for your valuable reply.suggestion.

      Thanks in advance

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