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Yesterday CareerOverview.com announced their list of the 50 best blogs for HR wisdom.  CareerOverview states you’ll find a wealth of advice, wisdom and insight in these blogs.


Categories highlighted in the list include general HR, Workplace, Technology, Leadership, Legal, Recruiting, and Compensation.  The Talent Buzz was highlighted as one of the top 50.

See the complete list here.

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  • Posted on: Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
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    1. Adrian says:

      Pro Lewin HRD: The perspective of Specialist HR consulting Service

      In the West, HR consultant’s are often welcome to sort out corporate initiatives primarily due to one reason- A consultant ushers in a neutral, unbiased perspective. More than often this alone spells all the difference between success and failure in implementing new people models. The Indian corporate scenario is different. The participation of third parties are called upon mostly for hiring and the occasional training now and then. Most HR teams and departments are often lacking in highend specialist HR knowledge and application. The efforts are thus waiting to happen. And as long as productivity is going on, why mend things when they are not broken? Any line manager will tell you how they do most of the work and often find HR people to be of no great use. Touche`.

      When it comes to employee practises, most companies are pennywise and pound foolish. Ask any line employee and they’ll tell you what is wanting. Some times the bandwidth of a company is more focussed on operations i.e production and thus speople initiatives take a back seat. More than often true HR efforts become rather cosmetic. Hiring is run of the mill, an appraisal never meets it’s true ends, development/training ventures are not in sync with skills and competence, employee policies often fail to play custodian and so on. The main reason for all these hindrances is lack of HR prowess in designing and implementing the mcuh needed people systems.

      From a mere business support function, HRM has today evolved into playing the quintessential role of a strategic business partner, transforming your work force into an efficiency and performance driven community.

      You could be a product development unit, and your manpower needs mostly centralize around hiring. You may not have a well defined HR department with all the operational verticals from Talent Planning to Talent Management & Talent Engagement. You may already have a few HR functions to handle generic affairs but not enough to handle other issues relating to core HR System- Research, development & implementation. You could even be a large corporation with most HR verticals, yet might find it convenient & unburdening to have an extra hand to support your corporate initiatives with highly specialized broad spectrum knowledge and application.

      Let’s find out through some basic questions?

      Efficiency: Do you have a relevant Job Design & selection process in place for hiring the right talent?
      Safety mechanism: Is your performance mgmt system effective in measuring competencies critical to business?
      Corporate advantage and future investment: Do you have relevant L & D programs to address employee’s personal & professional skill building?
      Attractiveness: Is your compensation and benefit structure enough to retain your employees?
      Hallmark: Are your employee policies foolproof and in line with best practices?
      Business continuity: Do you have a defined Succession Planning process to ensure business continuity?
      Retention: Do you have effective strategies in retaining your talent to keep hiring costs low?
      Organizational Development: Do we run periodic interventions to realign our people & business processes?

      If most of these questions put you into ‘thinking’ mode and it is time to take a call before it is too late- Get a specialist Consultant to assist you to profit throguh people management and people systems. This is where an expert from Pro Lewin HRD Services can be of immense help!
      Specialized HR Consulting— Advantages

      » HR Consulting is a proven time and cost effective solution.
      » Application of ‘best in line’ systems customized to fit into specific corporate requirements.
      » Specialized knowledge to realign corporate people practices
      » Cost effective solutions to manage, develop & retain talent for enhanced business capabilities.
      » Convenience: Can deliver on an ‘as and when required basis.
      » Neutral and innovative out of the box thinking solutions
      » Promotes greater moral, greater team work and productivity.

      Policy farmeworking, salary restructuring, Competency based Job Designing,Training and development, Performance management and Appraisal systems design and implementation, OD interventions are but a few areas in whcih Pro Lewin HRD expertise can make all the difference for you.

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