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Updated:  10/30/09

If you haven’t used your job board coupons, time is running out!  In an e-mail earlier this week, SHRM sent an e-mail blast notifying Recruiters that the job board coupons from their job posting center, powered by JobTarget, expire at the end of the year.  Seriously.

Original Post:  1/8/09

I never thought I’d live to see the day where job boards would publish coupons.  That’s the case with the latest coupon book from SHRM and Job Target, containing over 1,000 coupons for job boards.


If Recruiters have time in a down economy to clip coupons – “Houston, we have a problem”…

With unemployment skyrocketing, and current economic conditions, there are several alternatives and methods to partner with vendors to maximize online recruiting ROI.  Here are a few ideas for starters:

The site states you can save 5%-50% off retail pricing.  Paying retail pricing job board services is like paying the MSRP for a new vehicle – after rebates! While I am a big fan of SHRM and JOBTARGET, Recruiting professionals clipping coupons gets us further away from aggressively sourcing and pursuing talent – and adding strategic value to an organization.

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  • Posted on: Friday, October 30th, 2009
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    1. You posted links to some great resources! While immediate needs (and pains) always garner a kneejerk response especially in a down economy … if we’re not thinking 6, 12, or 18 months out strategy wise, then we’ll be so far behind the curve when the economy turns around that playing catch up will at best get our jobs and company in front of candidates that are active for a reason. This is the perfect time to be thinking of and messaging to the casual and passive candidates who may be willing to make a move once the forecasted rebound occurs.

    2. I think you have some reasonable points here – but I hope you don’t mind if I throw out a couple of thoughts out here:

      1. You are missing the point a little – its not clipping coupons; its a book that sits on your desk. When you decide you need to post a job to a niche board, you look in your book and see if there is a discount available for that site.

      2. It was conceived and we have been working on developing since before the October crash. While timing would suggest otherwise, this is not a reaction to the economy – this a tool we developed with SHRM to promote their Job Posting Center to HR and Recruiting Pros.

      3. I am big fan of the new media strategies used to find candidates – but with fewer resources today, and plenty of GREAT candidates looking for jobs, posting is actually much less expensive for an organization than sourcing. Tough times are exactly when using job postings makes the MOST sense. Its not just about passive job seekers now – the game has changed again.

      4. These are niche and micro-niche sites. If you are looking for a Hand Surgeon, would you use SEO or would you advertise the position within that community? Hand surgeons don’t use Indeed to look for jobs – that’s just a fact. However, they do go to their association’s web site and see who is hiring.

      And I am a big Fan of yours too!


    3. Jason says:

      Hi Ethan,

      Thanks for the comments, you raise some valid points as well. The timing of the economy is unfortunate, that is for sure. For me, it’s more about how several job boards have (and continue to) take advantage of clients. You’re right, the game has changed, yet job boards continue to increase their fees. Several have introduced new services over the past couple of years that have also been a major flop. There continues to be no accountability.

      Thanks again,

    4. Jason says:


      Thanks for stopping by, and your comments too. As unfortunate as these times are, there is a lot of opportunity to leverage a variety of tools to attract talent.


    5. […] Or do we lose the values system mumbo jumbo and fall back to the old adage “Desperate times call for desperate measures“? …or has it changed to “Desperate times call for coupons“? […]

    6. Jason,

      I’m unclear which job boards you were thinking about when you wrote about boards which increased their fees and introduced new services over the past year which have been a major flop. Your comment very clearly indicated that you were thinking of “several” boards so I’m sure you weren’t thinking about the entire industry or even most boards. I suspect you were thinking about some of the big, general boards and that’s a fair criticism.

      As one of the owners of niche board, I can assure you that the vast majority of niche boards have worked feverishly over the past 1.5 years to respond to their clients’ needs. Revenues for virtually every board is way, way down and those who continue to rely on postings and resume searching to keep the lights on will likely find themselves sitting in the dark. Postings are increasingly and correctly viewed as commodity items and resume searching in this day of identity theft will become less and less productive as fewer and fewer top candidates put themselves into harm’s way by posting such information on-line for anyone with a credit card — stolen or not — to view.

      We’re one of many niche boards which have introduced a number of free and/or low cost, innovative recruitment tools during the recession. Some of those tools like JobTarget’s coupon book were conceived of prior to the recession and deployed during the recession. Others were in response to the recession.

    7. Jason says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comments. This was a general statement, but was referring to the new products and solutions the bigger boards are coming out with (SEO, search services, ATS solutions, etc.). The recent .jobs announcement is another example.

      I understand revenues are down for most of them and they need to continue evolving, yet little value or ROI has been established or proven.


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