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With experts, sites, and communities popping up everywhere it’s been an interesting year in the world of HR and Recruiting blogs.  This past month has been no different.

Earlier today, announced the acquisition of the Cheesman Group, including the popular and sometimes controversial blog  Cheezhead founder, Joel Cheesman, also wrote an official post earlier today announcing the acquisition.

Earlier this week, Ed Frauenheim and Rick Bell published a story on Workforce titled “A Tighter Rein on HR Blogging?”

And in August, the HRMtoday community sold on Ebay.


While these stories have no direct connection with each other, they play a role as the industry evolves with perhaps a new set of guiding principles – in defining the future strategies for HR and Recruiting blogs, as well as the so-called communities they serve.

Jason Corsello, vice president at HR technology consulting firm Knowledge Infusion, maintains a blog “The Human Capitalist”.  Corsello stated in the Workforce article “Although it is easy to launch a blog, it may be too late to gain a large following”.   He views traditional blogs as past their prime given the rise of other social media.

Also noted in the article was Mauro Canori, a HR executive focused on talent management and organizational effectiveness for Merck.  Canori estimates he spends 30 to 60 minutes a week looking at industry blogs and says the sites have failed to live up to their promise of creating useful communities of practice.

When you take into account the obvious decline in visitors to over half of the HR and Recruiting blogs in the past 12 months, including those define themselves as communities, some questions being asked include:

  • Are more partnerships and consolidation imminent?
  • Will the blogs with more meaningful and relevant content quickly surpass others?
  • Will more readers (which is who matters here) get more vocal about their frustrations and what’s lacking?
  • Will a true community in the space rise to the top?

These questions, and more will soon be answered…  Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
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    1. Herb Brooks says:

      What a day indeed! Its a day of revelation for all who are or have been in the recruitment advertising industry. For a number of years there has been a number of questions regarding Cheezheads reporting techniques and why, time after time, he failed to mention anything about and any potential issues that may be going on. It was very clear that he was more than comfortable to beat up on the other players specifically CareerBuilder and Monster while ignoring the requests to talk about and the issues they were facing. For Joel to not only join a company that has lost its focus, but to uproot his family as well, he must have been given the best sales pitch of all time or the pressure of having to disclose his income from his bloging to the FCC caught up to him ( . Or perhaps he was just given a boat load of money and a promise from Aaron himself. If Joel had any credibility as a blogger for the recruitment industry prior, I think it is now history. What was once a decent site to visit for industry news turned into the web based rag publication for people to go to for kicks. Warning to the two Cheezhead employees, DO NOT COME TO PHOENIX. I warn you for one simple reason. I have seen far to many times with other acquisitions promise upon promise offered and then the relocation takes place and the “executive team” takes control. Please believe this anonymous person, DO NOT COME TO PHOENIX, it will be a big regret that will take you years to recover from. Ask some of the other people who came to Jobing fired up to make a difference within the company only to be devastated after they open their eyes and the “cool-aid” has dried up!

      TO Joel also. No one before you who has been in similar position has lasted more then 24 months. ALL are gone and left with nothing as Aaron Matos ruins the very business model or technology you worked so hard to create. Simply put Aaron does not and can not play well with others. Enjoy the ride until reality sets in, after that, we look forward to the reinvention of your blog.

      TO the remaining employees at and any market that is still around, run while you can. Reach out to all of your current clients and ask them for a job. The time is running out and you may be the next bottom line causality like so many others before you! I am sure most of you are keeping your heads down and putting on a smile just to put on a good front, but you have been warned!

      TO Aaron Matos; how can you with good conscious make this decision? As if putting your name on an area wasn’t bad enough, you just showed your cards and told the world that you have been paying for Joel’s silence this whole time. With so many VP’s you must be feeling the pressure from the investors. Let me guess, another re-org is on the horizon? You built a company that was all about people, what happened to that. You updated you twitter account on labor day of all days to say, ” Thinking about work, capitalism, & the end of summer (here is the part that gets me), Help someone unemployed today or this week to find work-make a difference. How poetic of you. Always the giver, kind of like your open door policy. (note to future employees, DO NOT QUESTION AARON, HE REALLY DOES NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK, JUST MAKE YOUR DIALS). I have a question, how many VP’s do you have now, one for every 3 front liners?

      Clarification to you who read this; I may sound like a disgruntled ex-employee and I may be a bit. I gave my life to that company just to have them tell me that due to the economy we are needing to make changes (despite the book of business I and may others had). I was one of the people who drank the cool-aid for a long time just to watch great person after great person leave due to frustration with management or asked to leave for a number of other reason. I, over time have learned that being let go was one of the best things to happen to me. There isn’t a day that I do not miss what I did, but slowly over time the external mission of making a difference in the community we serve was growing old due to the true internal mission, CLOSE BUSINESS at any cost. Best of luck to you, a once great company now filled ego filled VP’s who “earned” there positions!

    2. Jason,

      I think we need a better definition of HR and Recruiter blogs.

      If we are talking about those focused on macro topics/issues and industry thought leadership I agree about decreasing traffic to blogs and communities.

      If we are talking about HR and Recruiter blogs who focus on their physical community, skill set, industry, etc by last count 80%+ are seeing increased traffic.

      I do not need to be the best known Search Firm Blogger in the U.S. I do want to be one of if not the most well known in Minneapolis and Minnesota.

      I have been saying for years that local is where it is at. Maybe now we are seeing some validation?

    3. Ted says:

      @Paul – love the idea of local. I think this is the future of a lot of things.

      I think at the end of the day it will come down to (1) quality content and (2) simple design. The stuff happening in HR/Recruiting right now is absolutely fascinating and people want to talk about it. There is a huge opportunity for the platform that facilitates this conversation. Huge.

    4. Jason says:

      Paul, thanks for the added context. I agree with your perspective on the local front. My broad statement was in reference to the more national blogs in nature – those building a brand and presence in the HR space exclusively.

    5. Jason says:

      Ted, good point, quality content will prevail in the end.

    6. I have enjoyed reading Joel’s blog for years and was first connect edwith him on Myspace as I was developing my own personal branding and blogging strategy for my business. Joel has always been ahead of the curve, and I wish him the best. It was the right the decision for Joel at the right time. Being on top for 4 years is a huge accomplishment and a rough thing to do. Bloggers in the recruiting and HR industry only dream to do the things that Joel has done over the last several years.

      HR and Recruiting blogging is heating up over the last several months and continuing to grow. Finally, these policemen of policy and procedure finally have a voice to communicate their true thoughts and feelings. I disagree that HR blogging has had it’s day in the sun. It will continue to grow and expand.

      Best of luck, Joel!

      Jessica Miller-Merre, SPHR


    7. Chuck says:

      Ha! Blogging? That’s the least of the HR industry’s worries right now.

      They don’t have any jobs to fill. That’s the bigger problem. If the economy picks up, traffic to recruiting blogs will pick up.

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