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This post was written by Jay Philips for The Talent Buzz blog post contest.

Searching for what you need using Social Media.

We are all searching for something almost 90% of the time. Either we are searching for our next job, an old friend, new gossip, etc. Even though we are all searching for different things we can all use the same tools to find what we need/want.

Did you know that you can use Social Media for almost all your searching needs? I’m not saying that Google will not still live on because believe me Google is great and knows all. Searching for answers or even trying to find out what’s hot has come into a whole new light with social media. You can use Twitter, Twitter Searches, Friend Feed and much more.

If you are in need of a new job here are some great Social Media sites:

If you are in search of old friends take a look at:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • MySpace
  • Reunion

There are lots of other tools but you won’t want to join every single Social Media network out there. If you do that you will more than likely have problems keeping up with everything. A great site to keep track of what’s going on is FriendFeed. FriendFeed allows you to not only link up with friends but it also allows you to see what they are doing on other networks.

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  • Posted on: Sunday, March 1st, 2009
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    1. Amber Holwerda says:

      Just recently starting seeing FriendFeed. Will definitely check that one out, as well as Twellow. That’s a new one to me as well. Thanks for the info!

    2. Katie says:

      When i first starting twittering i found it really hard to find relevant job info. Since then i started using the global directory at workhound. (….it’s a list of loads of twitter job accounts that you can search by location and sector. Definitely helped me make sense of all that good twitter data.

    3. Very excellent advice. Focus is the key here.

    4. Jay Philips says:

      Thank you for sharing. There is also a search option on twitter. and you can use hashtags to find the items you need.

      The link for Twitter Search is:

      As Twitter grows more & more apps and tools are coming out. I will also provide the link you provided on other sites so other people can use it.


    5. Jay Philips says:

      What is your question? I would be more than happy to help answer it.

    6. I hear that Twitter is going commercial very soon. With 813% growth over last year it was only a matter of time – well, there are ads all over everything else, it’s certainly not going to make me stop my Tweets! ~ I have not tried Plaxo yet. I better check it out. TY for the info.

    7. Niki says:

      Okay, friend find is new. What is the link? In addition, please email directly at Social networking is great, but can be very boring. A lot of folks from my past like to look me up on facebook, add me as a friend, but refuse to conversate. Moving on, in terms of jobs, I need one as in yesterday or me and my children will be homeless soon. Tired of depending on my abusive ex who came back in our lives because I had a car accident in 08. All possessions are in my name, home, car, etc. But, I have to be working and self-sufficient. Leaving this one to my faith and the simple fact that with all my networking I will find a job. Put in thousands had some interviews. They always love me with, but end with I can’t hire you because you are overqualified. Check out my blog and you will see for your self. I don’t believe in over qualified. or they say that “we would sit here and talk about how we are going to save the world”. So, yes a lot of my skills are international. Anyone have any job insight. Or info. on free leads for business minded folks looking for someone like myself, let me know. But, the whole world is in devastation not just the U.S. Please email me directly I computer runs slow and I cannot bring this site up. Thanks and wishing everyone much happiness.

    8. Jay Philips says:

      I have signed up for ecademy but haven’t been impressed yet or found it very useful. It seems that the only way to make it useful is to pay for a membership but if I were to pay for a membership on any site it would be on LinkedIn.

      Are you a free member or a paid member of ecademy? If you are a free member how have you been able to use it to find what you are looking for?


    9. Marissa says:

      This is awesome. I have not heard of a lot of these, so I must go and check them out!


    10. Thank You Jay!


      Daniel Stoica
      Professionally Equipped – Personally Dedicated ™

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