Superbowl XLIII Ads: vs. Who won? 3 Comments

Super Bowl ads, a favorite for many game watchers… And after an entry back after taking some time off, returned to the Super Bowl scene. Afterall, they are trying to build awareness for their totally redesigned site.

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  • Posted on: Sunday, February 1st, 2009
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    1. Phil says:

      I thought that the CareerBuilder ad was really bad. I’m going with Monster.
      Both companies have done better in the past though.

    2. Doug Berg says:

      I would have fired both agencies that created these posts. Having been a guy that’s paid big money to build job board TV ads, these job boards have lost their minds with these ads in my opinion.

      I understand that they are trying to tap into the candidates mind about how much they hate their jobs, and will make them laugh, but they don’t understand that HR and talent acquisition leaders are watching their TV spots also, and who wants to hire candidates that constantly hate their jobs, bosses, and life?

      These spots might appeal to the perpetually unhappy candidates out there who think that by making a quick career change to any company on CareerBuilder or Monster that life will be easy and free of any hard work.

      As for me, I would run from posting my jobs out on either of these sites knowing that they are calling nationally for all completely disgruntled employees to find and apply for jobs at your company.

    3. Austin says:

      Doug, i think that you are likely over thinking the ads. You make it sound as though you would be hiring those ACTUAL people. (I know you don’t think that) In both places they are appealing to the caricature of life. Making a commentary on something people can relate to. Everybody hates their job sometimes, or in the case of the careerbuilder ad, they feel like screaming, or that people don’t like them, or imagining a better job, etc, etc. I think it is brilliant.

      I actually had lunch a few weeks ago with the creative director behind the Careerbuilder ad and he showed me a bunch of the other stuff he has done. He definitely has a style, but i was cracking up at it. That and the Hulu ad. The monster one i wasn’t so crazy about. Perhaps only because the CB ad took it 10x further.

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