Getting Bombed on Twitter! 2 Comments

@tweetbomb joined the twitter craze on November 19, 2008.  And in less than 2 months, tweetbomb already has 4,040 followers.


The point of tweetbomb? Everyday at 3:33 EST @tweetbomb releases a username of one of their followers.  To play along, you just need to send a @username message to that person, and watch the carnage unfold (as they say on their site).

I was bombed today by tweetbomb! I noticed a post earlier in the day asking to DM a twitpic of “you and a tweetbomb sign”.  I asked my 6 year old if he wanted to have some fun and his picture online, the rest is history.  Since “bomb” a few hours ago, there has been over 5,000 views.  Other than that, and several hundred @replies to me, it’s harmless and as Ben Parr wrote on Mashable, one of twenty ways to kill some time.

To join the other 4,000 followers on tweetbomb, you can simply:

  • Follow @tweetbomb
  • At 3:33 EST watch for the username released
  • Type a quick reply @username
  • @tweetbomb will supply a link to watch the results live
  • Tell your friends to follow @tweetbomb
  • Check out the tweetbomb blog for more information

What are you waiting for? Get bombed today!

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  • Posted on: Sunday, January 11th, 2009