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Despite Financial Meltdown, Financial Firms Urged to Continue Campus Recruiting
In the wake of Lehman Brothers’ collapse, campus recruiting is probably the last thing on the minds of executives at financial services companies. But shelving such recruiting activities might put these firms at a severe disadvantage when markets pick up again, consultants warn.

Companies recommit to on-campus recruitment
Despite a troubled economy, Clemson University’s fall career fair is booked up, with more than 260 companies reserving spots. Michelin Career Center Executive Director Flora Riley said the saturation illustrates a renewed commitment to on-campus recruitment.

“Businesses have known for a while about this whole idea of branding themselves with students,” Riley said. “If students don’t recognize the name, they might not pay attention to it. It’s not a new idea at all.”

Schools Wary on Lehman, Merrill Impact
As the financial landscape shifts, B-schools are busy reaching out to nervous students whose job prospects are suddenly far from certain.

These are usually the days when business school students are settling into their class routine and awaiting the arrival of recruiters on campus. But with the downfall of two of Wall Street’s investment houses and fears that other major companies are on the brink, it’s a nervous time at B-schools.

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  • Posted on: Friday, September 19th, 2008