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Announcing the new HRM Today.

You might notice that things are a little bit different at HRM Today, as HRM Today and HR Bloggers have joined forces to create a collaborative community for HR professionals.

The new partnership means that there is one site — managed by Jennifer Barnes, Lance Haun & Laurie Ruettimann — that exists for you. It’s meant to host thoughtful & insightful conversations about HR & workforce issues.

HR professionals are finding fresh voices, new ideas, and creative collaboration by blogging and online social networking.

In an effort to streamline a wealth of online information, HR gurus Jenn Barnes, Lance Haun, and Laurie Ruettimann have joined forces to create a comprehensive online community, HRM Today, which offers a portal for professionals to seek and give advice, stay on top of trends, and explore innovative ways to keep the workplace working. The site includes two areas: blogs that are known for excellent and thoughtful content, and a related social networking site, formerly known as HR Bloggers.

“The focus of HRM Today is community,” says Ruettimann. “There are no membership fees or certification classes. We want to elevate our profession, speak our minds and have fun.”

With topics such as the multi-tasking Generation Y, telecommuting, losing top employees, and book reviews, HR professionals are certain to find answers, insight, and like-minded peers on HRM Today.

Jenn Barnes has worked in human resources since 2001. She is the creator of the blog HR Wench, a popular destination for business professionals that want straight answers to their workplace dilemmas. She lives in Washington State.

Lance Haun has been a Human Resources Generalist practicing in the field for five years. On his award winning blog,, he tackles workplace issues by giving employees an inside scoop of how your HR department runs. He is a native of Portland, Oregon.

Laurie Ruettimann is the founder of Punk Rock HR, and a SPHR certified Human Resource professional with over 10 years in the corporate HR departments of Fortune 500 companies. She lives in Raleigh, NC.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008