What is your satisfaction level with your current A.T.S.? 1 Comment

The weekly recruiting blog poll results are in from last week.

The question: What is your satisfaction level with your current A.T.S.?

The results:

  • We’re shopping? (59%)
  • Meet’s most needs (41%)
  • Exceeds our needs (0%)

Looks like a great time to be in A.T.S. sales! The biggest challenges overall I’ve heard with applicant tracking systems is around building candidate communities, CRM capabilities, and SEO components (all integrated into one solution). 

Maybe with Taleo’s recent news to acquire Vurv, and other A.T.S. rumors on the street someone will step up and take a leadership role in the space.  Then again it is technology, and doesn’t “fix” a lot of the other issues we’re facing.

The new poll this week:  How has the economy and overall job market impacted the relocation benefits you provide?

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  • Posted on: Thursday, June 12th, 2008