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You probably haven’t heard about it yet (it just launched), but it’s big news in the human resources and recruiting space.  Writers are enthralled with another new shiny object in the social recruiting space, called BeKnown. It’s almost like building networks, brands, and referrals online or within a social network is a new concept. While doing some research, I came across an interesting post on this topic – and was reading through the comments. Naturally, I started thinking about BeKnown…

Leveraging the power of facebook’s 700 million users can be an attractive proposition for employers, and separating business and personal relationships can be the same for users. BUT, before you jump in feet first, do some research on your own and consider:

  • This is an app, on facebook.  Facebook owns facebook, not  It’s an app.  There is a privacy hurdle perception here.
  • You are creating yet another network (albeit within a network) to manage.  Do you have the time to cultivate and continue building a professional network within a social network? Although it’s on facebook, and you already spend time on the site, this is yet another activity to manage in order to produce mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • If you need the recognition of badges in a professional setting, you’ll like BeKnown.
  • If you rely on your network and relationships for referrals and jobs, this might be something for you to consider.
  • This app is by, a job board.  Like all public companies, they need to show a return to their shareholders. While you would expect an app like this to focus on building as large of a community as possible,  the long-term target audience for products like these is typically recruiters (revenue).

Some call this a game changer – and while I think competition is a great thing and BeKnown could have a significant amount of possibility if managed properly, it also has the possibility to add more clutter into the already over-populated, too many applications-per-req, low candidate conversion, horrid candidate experience recruiting space.

I don’t have anything against Monster, (or the BeKnown app), in fact I’ve used some of’s products for 15 years. Instead of jumping on a bandwagon saying look at the latest and greatest, I’d simply recommend users (recruiters and or job seekers) consider the pros and cons before clicking the install button, which are different for every user. Here is some additional information where you can get an overview of the app – directly from BeKnown.

Recruiting organizations can focus on building a competitive approach to recruiting talent – or continue relying on a third party sites (and or using apps).  Longer-term (with or without an app), recruiting on social networks is nothing new and already existed in a very targeted / niche fashion.

Will you BeKnown?


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  • Posted on: Sunday, June 26th, 2011