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Mobile is “it”.  With over 11 billion apps downloaded, we’re just getting started.  The prediction that mobile will overtake PC’s by 2013 as the most common web access device doesn’t seem too far fetched.  But…  Will mobile recruiting be “it” in the job search and recruiting space?

We know organizations are investing in mobile recruiting, and adoption is slowly increasing.  There is even a mobile recruiting conference (I highly recommend this one) for Recruiters and HR Pros.

Job seekers and users of apps have high standards, as they should.  Even the well known mobile recruiting apps on the market have “less than desirable” ratings.  Just glance through the top job apps’ ratings and you’ll quickly see the frustration level of users, and average ratings between 1-2.5.

A majority of the “mobile recruiting” capabilities have focused on the job search itself, or pieces of the process (interviewing, connections, etc.).  That is, until now.  Late last month PepsiCo launched their first-of-kind Careers mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Droid called “Possibilities.”

At a glance, PepsiCo is focused on connecting and engaging, beyond just a job search.

Some of the functionality of the “Possibilities” app include:

  • PepsiCo Twitter feed
  • Content for why, the people, the brads, FAQ’s, and ways to connect with Recruiters.
  • Scanning their brands with a stickybits partnership
  • The Feeds from the lineup of PepsiCo blogs
  • PepsiCo YouTube
  • Geo-location job search functionality


You can check out and download the “Possibilities” apps here:

As recruiting organizations continue to advance mobile recruiting, some of the questions and challenges that lie ahead are similar to those that existed (and still do) in the social recruiting sphere:

  • How much can job seekers and candidates to absorb?
  • With job seekers and candidates applying to multiple positions at multiple companies, how many communities/pages/apps can we expect them to invest time in?
  • When will base “apply” functionality and/or standard Resume formats be available?
  • Will apps enable true “engagement” and a mutually beneficial relationship vs. a “one-way”

These questions, and others will soon be answered.  In the meantime, congrats (and kudos) to PepsiCo for paving the way and advancing mobile recruiting (and engaging talent).

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  • Posted on: Monday, March 28th, 2011