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There are many opportunities for both HR professionals and Recruiters to engage in (and leverage) social media (coming out your mouth with your blah blah blah) – both personally and professionally. But buyer beware, don’t just fall for the hype (zip your lips like a padlock)– and be sold worthless goods.


If you filter through a majority of the noise, most of what we see and hear is just that – noise and hype.  (don’t be a little bitch with your chit chat).  Consider how recruiting (tools) have evolved over the past 2 decades – from newspapers and job boards – to the almost endless possibilities today (in comparison). The biggest difference between then and now is that now we can leverage all of these tools to brand our organizations and get our messages in front of people world-wide, whether or not they are looking for work. And, we can now do this faster than ever thought possible.

Yet, part of the problem with the current focus is most “experts” are primarily talking about using social media for posting jobs (advertising) and finding people (sourcing). (so just hush baby shut up) These are activities. They are important, yet they are not addressing the issues at hand (integrated technology, capacity, candidate experience, investment returns, etc.). These activities are not advancing our cause. They are simply activities to get your jobs in front of the same people that are and were reachable before. (stop stop stop talking that)

There is no reason to over-complicate “trends” and “best practices.” We don’t need to continue creating and leveraging more job posting tools and web sites. This isn’t about posting your job on twitter or creating a RSS feed of your jobs for your facebook fan page.  Big deal.   Who is really joining your fan page anyway? Is the dialogue meaningful and engaging? So much belief can be put into anecdotal stories of how great something is. (blah, blah, blah)

Do we really think candidates understand the mess being created online with 100,000+ different job sites? Are we that naïve to think 99% of these job sites even matter – at all?

It’s unnecessary clutter, it’s confusing to candidates, and the online experience can be an embarrassment. And people ask how HR and/or recruiting get bad labels. From my viewpoint on recruiting and specifically related to social media, I would argue we need to think broader than activities and clutter, and start thinking about total distribution models, meaningful delivery of content and mechanisms, and true communities of influence that provide a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties – the candidate and the company.

This isn’t about not using social media, it’s about using it in ways to drive  innovation and engagement.  Ways that make sense for your organization, your strategies, and your target candidates. We’ll be highlighting organizations over the coming weeks we think are doing it right!

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  • Posted on: Friday, May 28th, 2010