An Apology to All Job Seekers and Candidates 36 Comments

We call it the candidate experience.  You call it BS.  We call it employment brand.  You just want respect.


The first job board was launched in the early 90’s.  Some experts state there are now more than 40,000 job boards.  Add in publisher networks, blogs, and communities and the number quickly surpasses 100,000.  To me, it’s job pollution and borderline corruption (depending on the site and their business practices).

You see a job online, want to apply, and want a call back.  Is a company even receiving your Resume? Not in greedy, we-have-more-visitors-than-you centric environment – where sites are buying traffic from each other, re-posting employers jobs without their consent, sponsoring the jobs, and building databases to re-sell them later.  I call these sites bottom feeders, and we’ll be shedding some much needed light on them in the coming months.

And just when Recruiters started averaging over 220 Resume’s per job, it’s not enough.  We need more pollution and confusion, like  the possibility of another million job boards coming.

Crap, did I ask you if you are you following us on twitter yet? Because we can be arrogant enough to think you’ll sit in from of your computer and watch a 1-way communication (or RSS feed for short) – so just when we post the job you want – you’ll be ready to apply.  Oh, if you don’t use twitter that’s OK, we now use what we call “social recruiting” – which includes things like thousands of company facebook fan pages that are online if that works better for you.  And yes, we call some of these “interactive” because they have some really cool videos we shot on our corporate campus.  If you’re still not finding any of this convenient, that’s OK because you likely have a mobile device and all of our content will be mobile-enabled next month.

On behalf recruiters, vendors, consultants, and experts, let me say we’re sorry.

For what?

  • Arrogance and ego’s
  • Confusion and chaos
  • Over-complicating the process
  • The lack of respect, and customer focus
  • An online nightmare
  • Not delivering on basic commitments

Online recruiting is evolving, like most things.  One would expect it would less complicated and time consuming with nearly 2 decades of history under our belts.

I should add that there are many companies and recruiters doing it right, and kudos to them.  We’ll also be highlighting these organizations and Recruiters in upcoming articles.

But, as a job seeker and candidate you shouldn’t have to wonder – or worry about over half of the chaos and confusion that’s being created.  And for that, we apologize.

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  • Posted on: Saturday, April 24th, 2010