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Earlier this year OnRec and Kennedy Information announced they were teaming up to create one high impact event, albeit in Chicago.  The event received mixed reviews by many, yet there were a lot of great ideas shared, connections made, and a handful of good sessions.

Attendance to this years event was estimated at around 400 attendees.


In the vendor exhibit hall, the technology everyone was talking about was over at the Tweetajob booth.  I had a opportunity to catch Tweetajob’s CEO, Carmen Hudson, for a quick video interview.

On the sessions front it shouldn’t come as a big surprise there is still a lot of talk about the use of social networks and social media in recruiting.

One of the most interesting slides of the conference was a summary of feedback from Recruiters on Job Boards.


While there was no shortage of recruiting tweeps, #OnRec09 tweets, or burnt coffee; there was a shortage of diet coke and wifi access.

There were 1,500+ tweets throughout the week, including:

  • @CyndiPHX: takeaway from the conference is that there are always a ton of new tools and tactics, but have a strategy and deploy what fits.
  • @AftonFunk: Direct the right message to the right candidates at the right time, don’t #spraynpray “employment brand”.
  • @Monster_Works:  The EEOC took $102,151,138 from employers in 2008 for litigation settlement. That’s less than the Yankees’ payroll.
  • @Cheezhead:  Alumwire says Millennials “respond very well to virtual job fairs and pizza.” OK, I added the pizza part.
  • @RecruiterDude:  Recruiting is about people. Recruitment mediums are only enablers.
  • @virtualjoe:  “data just is”. You need to explore and understand value of data to business.
  • @kathyoreilly:  Ur employees are ur best brand ambassadors. Set them free to blog about brand, even start a SM recognition prog.
  • @seerysm: tips 4 Corp Soc networking: Your entourage is now in your pocket. Constant access to friends online opinions, reviews, knowledge.

Other fine tweeps included: @ImSoSarah, @Andy_Stanczyk, @iDonato, @GeoffPeterson, @colleenaylward, @shally, @NWRecruiter, @kariquaas, @leanneclc, @kevinbhawkins, @peopleshark, @gerrycrispin, @Chad_Sowash, @deras, @CarveConsulting, @BillBoorman, @thelance, @ewmonster, @frankroche, @SteveBoese, @tlcolson, @KevinWGrossman, @glarocque, @crada, @moritrozen, @DonRamer, @PunkrockHR, @marenhogan, @watsonlg, @ncgmonster, @scottbaxt, @CincyRecruiter, @jdakers, @Seiden, @smartbriefjobs, @slev, @jjbuss, @RickRosario, @ClearedJobsNet, @radicalrecruit, @HRMargo, @LizzPellet, @mporfilio, and @Jobing. Add a comment if I missed anyone, and I will add to the list.

A few other conference recap posts I’ve seen include SmartBlog, Career Life Connection, and The Recruiter Guy.

Until spring, at the ERE Expo…

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  • Posted on: Monday, November 9th, 2009