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In the past couple of weeks I have received about a dozen invites to join Plurk.  I haven’t joined yet, not because I don’t want to be an “early adopter”, but more so as a result in how much time in the day there is to blog, network, and connect with others.  Sure, there are tools to integrate updates, but to actually engage on all of the platforms takes time. 

If I had to pick the top 3 tools to connect with others up until this point, I have invested a majority of the effort into Facebook, Twitter @jjbuss, and LinkedIn (both my network and my recruiting blog group).  Sure, I have profiles on Plaxo, MySpace, and others too, but rarely visit them.

I wanted to quickly categorize what others are saying about Plurk and Twitter since it has dominated the 140 character updates the past few weeks, besides the obvious Obama and Clinton tweets.

I used summize, and while this is not scientific, I went back the past 5 hours and broke the comments into 2 categories.  Here’s a snapshot of loyal to both Twitter, and Plurk:


  • @mrwizard14 – Checking out Plurk, but twitter still rocks because of the API and desktop clients.
  • @CoachDeb – twitter trumps Plurk any day – even on its’ sickly days (i actually hate tweeting about Plurk)
  • @pwbau – re: your plurk about plurking vs. twitter, i have to agree with you Plurk is nice but twitter is better
  • @yashoo – really starting to like the feel of Plurk… But twitter is the king when it comes to simplicity and API support
  • @matthelm – eh… Plurk sucks.  Twitter is better.
  • @onlineteacher – Plurk = No Way.  Twitter = Way.  IMHO.  I will be staying here and not migrating.
  • @modernevil – Plurk seems to take up a lot of my time, lately.  Unlike Twitter, it compels me to read everything everyone posts.  That won’t last long.
  • @wonderwebby – don’t think I will go back into Plurk unless Twitter dies completely.
  • @ColonelMolerat – Trying to persuade Claire to sign up to Twitter.  But not Plurk.  Because Plurk’s shit.


  • @Beonarri – I’ve been using both Twitter and Plurk and I have to say I like Plurk more.
  • @sentienlee – It’s official, I’m over Twitter.  I will be using Plurk full time.
  • @gutterkitty – Enjoying Plurk more than Twitter.
  • @reidmix – been trying out pllurk with good results.  twitter just isn’t cutting it :(
  • @theSummerDiva – It’s so funny.. Plurk is just hopping…and Twitter… is so quiet.
  • @richardlord – Only found one of you on Plurk..  Get Plurking people..  It’s like Twitter.. ‘cept it works.

And…  The most best tweet goes to @libmil:  I think Twitter & Plurk are the same people, in the same office, having a bet as to whose site gets the most people.

Both have their technical issues.  I have gone to Plurk to check it out twice in the past 2 days and the site has been down.  We all know Twitter has had some issues too.  I will likely give Plurk a try, but in the end for me it is more about engaging with your network vs. a one-way update, and finding a balance.  

Other great posts on Plurk vs. Twitter:

Which do you prefer?

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  • Posted on: Monday, June 9th, 2008