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Diversity Recruiting – Efforts to recruit a more diverse array of jobs at Harvard are good, but not excellent. Although the Wall Street crisis might have job-seekers in a panic, Harvard’s Office of Career Services (OCS) is countering the downturn with a new philosophy and a new interim director, Robin Mount. Many graduating seniors are nervous about the weak economy this year, as there is sure to be a reduction of job openings in the popular finance sector (last year, 20 percent of graduates went on to work in financial services or management consulting ). Fortunately, well before the economy’s recent plunge, OCS had already begun work on this year’s initiative: a push entitled “turning up the volume on diverse career options” that is intended to make students aware of job offerings in areas other than investment banking and consulting. OCS has restructured and expanded its offerings into 16 new industry “clusters,” such as “Architecture, Urban Development, and Green Construction” and “Creative Arts” in order to make the job market more navigable for students.

Accommodating multicultural customers or recruiting the right sales professionals may require some changes to your infrastructure. The multicultural consumer and real estate professional requires language, religious, and philosophical considerations if you are going to win them both as customers or team members. Being respectful of their religion, philosophical beliefs such as Feng Shui, and their English language proficiency are a few things to consider.

Targeting Multicultural Customers – How to Get the Right Infrastructure in Place
For example, organizations often try to apply mainstream practices to multicultural marketing and recruiting, which often is contrary to the communication style of the multicultural consumer and professional.

Diversity Edge Magazine Selects its 2008 D.E. Diversity Champions
For the second consecutive year, Diversity Edge is highlighting a group of 20 diverse and dynamic individuals and recognizing them for their commitment to and achievements in diversity.

The D.E. Diversity Champions 2008 list is comprised of diversity advocates on many levels such as: influential leaders and members of diversity related professional organizations; corporate diversity and other officers that help spread diversity in their companies; community and political leaders who serve diverse communities; and thought leaders who drive the research and development for diversity education.

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  • Posted on: Thursday, September 18th, 2008