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It would be great if attracting top talent to your company was a simple process – get prospective applicants excited about the benefits of working for your company, then offer them a private and effortless way to figure out whether the position is the right one for them to pursue.

In reality, however, attracting talent to your company or, on the opposite side, landing a new career opportunity, is quite frequently a very time consuming and frustrating experience.

Scopings, an innovative online recruiting service, has introduced a radical new way for professionals to find and explore career opportunities, using an intuitive “matching” technology. Professionals can find positions in a very private and targeted way without revealing their identities and without a resume, and for the first time can safely remain active in the job market on an ongoing basis.

Finding a position that one might want to pursue marks only the beginning of this exciting new service. Professionals using Scopings can anonymously request additional information from hiring managers before deciding to pursue a position further, and consequently, they only go after the few best-fit positions. Employers, on the other hand, can learn more about what excites these professionals and can effectively entice them to take the first step and apply.

Scopings’ innovation extends to its hiring process as well. Applicants start the hiring process anonymously and without a resume, and employers use an innovative online interviewing process to ask and collect the very specific information they need from applicants. This information is automatically analyzed, and employers are presented with only the few best-fit applicants to interview, all without reviewing one resume or conducting one interview.

It is quite challenging to reach out and recruit top talent, but the Scopings approach goes a long way to transform the way employers and professionals find one another and interact, resulting in a service that is applicant and employer-friendly, private, and extremely effective in meeting the hiring needs of employers and professionals alike.

What is Scopings all about?

Hiring top talent is difficult at best. They are busy with other things, serious about their privacy, and don’t want to devote time and effort just for the slim chance of landing the right opportunity. Scopings is all about changing that.

By treating each candidate like a future colleague, Scopings helps you engage more candidates with your current recruiting sources and reach out beyond just the most active job seekers. And that’s just the start.
How do we help?

Scopings offers professionals, working professionals in particular, a simpler way to explore new opportunities, and allows them to start the application process without revealing their identity and without submitting a résumé. By making your company more accessible and your positions truly applicant-friendly you’ll entice more candidates to take the first step who ordinarily wouldn’t.

The last thing you and your candidates need is to spend time interviewing just to find out that a candidate is not interested, not qualified, or over-qualified for the position you are looking to fill. Scopings helps you scope down your pool of candidates so that you can identify the candidates who are best fit for the role.

Scopings works with all of your existing recruiting sources helping you to engage more candidates and measure the quality of each source (not just the quantity). Our growing pool of passive candidates are automatically notified and our team helps to market your position. We’re driven to do everything we can to help you find your next colleague- our success is tied to yours.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, July 29th, 2008