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video interviewIt’s been about 2 years since I ran a four-part series designed to help you decide if video interviewing is a recruiting solution you should explore. If you are in the early stages of using or are considering the use of video interviews, here is the series:

    1. The Power of Video Interviewing
    2. The Benefits & ROI of Video Interviews
    3. Advantages of Video Interviewing
    4. Recruiting and the Use of Video Interviews

Since then, video interviewing has grown by leaps and bounds.The number of companies using video interviewing and the range of choice in solutions have increased dramatically. In just a short time, it’s shifted from pioneering technology to emerging best practice in talent acquisition.


To get caught up on the video interviewing topic, I regrouped with one of the leaders in this space, Montage. This is a company of experts in recruitment and enterprise-strength technology who are united around a mission to change the hiring experience. Montage continually brings purposeful innovation to the marketplace, and I believe some of the newest features developed by Montage are setting the standard in video interviewing.

Breakthrough Features
Video interviewing is not just a new way to do a face-to-face interview. Continuous change and innovation has kept Montage busy reinventing and improving its video interviewing technology creating more potential for process-level improvements in hiring. These innovations include:

  • Mobile video interviewing app – Early in 2012, Montage’s mobile app for Montage Interview allows connection for talent acquisition professionals, managers on-the-go, passive candidates, and candidates whose main Internet access is via their mobile phone or tablet. Today the full suite is mobile enabled for Android and iOS devices.
  • Complete solution suite – The company recently added Montage Voice to provide recruiting professionals with a full suite of products through one SaaS platform. Montage Voice offers the same wrap-around scheduling and recording options as Montage’s video-enabled applications, but is voice-only for high-volume recruiting and for roles in which a video interview is nice but not necessary.
  • Sourcing reach – Normally, recruiters are inviting candidates they know to conduct a video interview. But with a new Open Invite feature inside Montage’s on-demand video interview, recruiting professionals can embed a link into any posting or email. This helps with reach and networking into a specific talent community, association or LinkedIn group. Candidates are invited to answer job-specific questions via video and provide resumes, references and other information as requested by the recruiter. This feature expands video interviewing’s role into the sourcing phase of recruitment, and delivers a way to gather consistent, relevant candidate data that can be easily consumed by recruiters and shared with others involved in the hiring decision.
  • Extreme branding – You would expect a technology solution to show a client logo but when interviewing and entertaining potential new hires, Montage takes branding very seriously and believes in making every interaction a strong two-way exchange. The client can post welcome videos, product or job details, and create a fully branded environment as elaborate as their company’s own physical lobby.
  • Going global – language localization and full-time 24/7 support are well-embedded in the company makeup as more and more clients are literally on the technology 24-hours a day.


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Details That Add Value in the Hiring Process
Montage continues to make smaller-scale enhancements as well. These are the purpose-built details that make this video interviewing solution so valuable to candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters:

  • Enhanced user experience – employing the latest in UI design, Montage’s user interface is more intuitive and single-click accessible. The design is based on research with both recruiters and candidates, and makes it even easier for users on both sides of the table to connect quickly.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook – without ever leaving Outlook, recruiters look for free time, schedule or reschedule video interviews adding tremendous efficiency and convenience.
  • Simple sharing – recruiters can do so much more than just forward recorded interviews of their top candidates. They can isolate certain assets to streamline the sharing. They can track the links and even limit the lifespan of the link to speed up feedback.


Continued Focus on the Candidate Experience
At Montage’s core is a commitment to a superior experience, especially for the candidate which so many organizations overlook. This translates into an important advantage for companies that use its video interviewing solution. Strong employer-employee relationships have their roots in the hiring process. Done right, video interviewing helps promote human connection and all that follows from it – employee performance, loyalty, controlling the costs of hiring, and, of course, impacting the overall quality of the final hire. Montage approaches its technology from the human perspective, and that’s why its video interviewing solution is effectively shaping the hiring experience.


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  • Posted on: Monday, August 12th, 2013