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It’s conference season..  The OnRec recruiting conference in Chicago came to a close earlier today, as Recruiters gear up for SourceCon and ERE’s fall Expo.


Here are 7 takeaways from the event:


  1. Carmen Hudson, CEO and Founder of Tweetajob, shared concepts of twitter strategies for “real recruiters”. Here is a link for her presentation.
  2. Gautam Godhwani, CEO of SimplyHired facilited a session on “The Future of Job Search”, and shared 6 ways job search will change over the next 10 years. A couple of interesting points included the mention of over 5 million job listings (not jobs) online today. Sounds like an online recruiting mess! A few other pieces of data included: the average number of jobs held by adults under 42 (is 10.8), the average number of people unemployed per job opening (6), and the average length of unemployment (5).
  3. Dick Finnegan, founder of The Retention Institute noted 3 studies on post-recession intentions. He shared Execunet and Finnegan Mackenzie found more than 90% of executives would take a recruiter’s call and more than half are already looking today.
  4. Shally Steckerl presented on key social media initiatives for 2010 and beyond, and noted from survey results that 85% of recruiters utilize job boards for “hard to fill” positions, yet when the question was asked about yielding quality hiring only 11% of the respondents mentioned job boards.
  5. Kristin Graham, VP of Global Recruiting and Engagement from Expedia talked about how the talent landscape has changed since the recession. A couple of examples Kristin shared included that due to the surge of applications since the recession began, the black box has turned into a black hole noting many candidates aren’t hear anything back… ever! And, candidate frustration and reputation damage is widening as candidates have long memories.
  6. William Uranga from TiVo and Checkster’s CEO, Yves Lermusi, talked about quality of hire and the next talent management frontier. They noted 57% of companies who participated in a roundtable study do not measure quality of hire, yet the comparative financial impact of hiring quality talent is 10 times that of other metrics.
  7. Mark S. Andrekovich has served as MAXIMUS shared concepts on building relationships with community-based organizations and how they have created a database of over 87,000 organizations nationally. This has enabled them to tap into more diverse populations with a targeted approach, strengthen OFCCP compliance, and improve quality of candidates.

You can also check out many other recruiting takeaways on the twitter stream for #onrec.

That’s a wrap.

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  • Posted on: Friday, September 17th, 2010