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A few weeks ago we highlighted the “Top 7 Mobile Recruiting Apps for 2010“.  One of those apps,  The Hire Syndicate is making waves with the future of split recruiting.

I had an opportunity to connect with recruiting veteran Allen Ackerman, The Hire Syndicate’s Founder and CEO, to discuss the technology further – and his views on split recruiting.

The Hire Syndicate

Allen believes the split recruiting trend has been gaining momentum and is going transform the standard recruiting paradigm within the next 5 years.  Given that shift he thinks even the larger agencies will need to adapt as the combination of globalization, growth in entrepreneurship, and a more technologically skilled labor force alter recruiting as we know it.

Allen’s aim with The Hire Syndicate is to provide a platform recruiters can utilize in the modern recruiting environment to make more quality placements faster.

And you don’t need an iPhone to tap into the power of The Hire Syndicate.  Instead, you download the split recruiting desktop widget (pictured below).


How does it all work?

Members create Pods by inviting colleagues from their existing trusted network of recruiters and share open requisitions within their Pods. So, if four Pod members each upload three open requisitions, the job orders live in one place, and are visible to each Pod member for quick reference.

And members receive instant alerts to their desktop and mobile devices apprising them of activity on their job orders or candidates… just part of The Hire Syndicate’s mission to make our (recruiters’) lives easier. This is a direct reflection of a core business philosophy at The Hire Syndicate – to work more efficiently and have more time to enjoy life.

Visit The Hire Syndicate to learn more information, and join the split recruiting community.

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  • Posted on: Monday, January 25th, 2010