ERE Recruiting Expo Re-cap, Twitter Style 20 Comments

by @jjbuss.

Congrats to @dmanaster and the ERE gang for another successful recruiting expo.


There was no shortage of tweets, or great content.  Session coverage was provided by tweeps including @CincyRecruiter, @TheRecruiterGuy, @jrl2002, @ewmonster, @JennyDeVaughn, @sarahw79, and a whole lot more…

While there were thousands of tweets, here were some of the top 10 favorites:

  • HR should report to Recruiting (this one got cheers).
  • 82% of recruiters use LinkedIn, 44% use Facebook, & 25% use Twitter… To find candidates.
  • We shouldn’t be calling email databases ‘communities’ in today’s online landscape.
  • If you are an expert in social media why would you protect your twitter stream.
  • We’re not using these tools to weed out talent. we’re using these tools to weed in talent.
  • Crowdsourcing is becoming the new job board.
  • Leadership is not a function of position. It is a function of behavior.
  • The next recruiter killer app is the recruiter.
  • The best college students aren’t looking for jobs! “A” students are starting a business. They want independence.
  • There is not a population shortage, but there is a talent shortage. Talent is defined as people who have skills our organizations need now to reach business goals, make a profit, invent new products, and remain relevant.

Real all of the ERE Expo tweets with the #ereexpo hashtag.

Until next spring…

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  • Posted on: Friday, September 11th, 2009