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By @jjbuss.

Brendan Mullins was finishing up his MBA and thinking about what to do with his career, finding himself at a fork in the road. He had been in software development prior to college and really enjoyed it.  After thinking about his possibilities and potential career paths he attempted to do additional research on the internet with little success.  Afterwards, JobTitled was born.


I recently had the chance to connect with Brendan, and was intrigued by both his story, and the free tools available on JobTitled.

While doing research for his own career, Brendan quickly noticed that most sites on the internet are focused on placing bodies in job openings. There isn’t a lot of content available about career paths and how to decide. What is available is mostly anecdotal, lacking facts and figures that can help you make decisions on what position to take next, what degree to consider, or even what certifications you could pursue. Brendan shared with me that’s the statistics piece of JobTitled – it’s meant for you to get a deep understanding of common trends of how people transition through their career.

Looking at career paths quantitatively is fairly new. It’s not predictive or magical where it can tell you the future, instead historical trend data that if understood could help you make career decisions. An anology Brendan shared is with stock market data and the stock market – nobody is predicting the future. But, by studying the historical data shows patterns and trends for where to invest your money. Same with JobTitled data, it shows patterns and trends where to invest your time and helps you focus your career.

When asked about the evolution of JobTitled and what’s next, there are a few highlights. First and foremost is the data itself. JobTitled is constantly working on getting a larger pool of resume data and improving our algorithms to get the most out of it. That is priority #1. In the future functionality will be added for users to socially collaborate about careers and help describe, categorize and make sense of the job titles. On the data front, JobTitled is working on industry data and how industries related to job titles which is also an important piece in the puzzle.

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, July 29th, 2009