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The hype about twitter continues, and we’re buying into it.  So have Corporations and Recruiters.

In the U.S., the number of twitter users has increased from 1 million to 4 million, and the site has experienced over 1,000% increase in traffic.  With over 1.5 billion tweets and counting, it has been reported that 45-54 year olds make up the largest demographic.

In a post I wrote just 2 months ago on using twitter to network and find a job there were 900 users with the word “Recruiter” in their profile on tweepsearch.  Today, it is over 3,900.  Yes, in just 2 months!

Recruiters are even paying to attend webinars and conferences to learn skills on recruiting from the site.  There is also a site where Recruiters share job requisitions and candidates, where their fees are split.  And, don’t forget about the list of 50 companies / people you should follow if you’re looking from work.  You decide whether or not to follow…  Just click on several of the profiles and you’ll notice it is primarily made up of jobs being pushed out through a feed.   Most do not follow you back, the better ones do.  For most, it’s a one-way,  win-lose relationship.  We  know who loses.


Don’t get me wrong, twitter is a very powerful tool in many ways, including utilizing it as a networking and job search tool.  There are several meaningful profiles and tools to help with your job search, like @jobangels.  There is innovation, like

If you’re looking for a career, connect with Recruiters (not profiles that only upload jobs through a feed), with others in your industry, career coaches, and the list goes on and on…

People have and will continue to find jobs through twitter and we’ll continue to recruit from it.  The reality is, like with most things, there is a direct correlation with your experience and return from using twitter with what you put into it.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, April 21st, 2009