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Small businesses can now identify and recruit talent more effectively and efficiently via high-tough, automated system.


Hiring Managers Can Identify Top Prospects 70% Faster With HarQen’s VoiceScreener™ And Effectively Manage More Candidates With Fewer Resources.  HarQen, a leading web-telephony company announced today that they are offering VoiceScreener, an efficient, automated telephone interviewing service, to small and medium sized businesses through their new e-commerce site. Since HarQen introduced this solution in beta form last fall, VoiceScreener has been providing hiring managers at larger corporations and staffing firms a highly efficient, competitive edge by optimizing the interview process and helping them on-board quality candidates faster.


Beginning today, any HR professional or hiring manager has the ability to use their phone and a simple web-based dashboard to create and distribute custom, recorded phone interviews that candidates can respond to at a time that is most convenient to their schedules. This process virtually eliminates the need to coordinate first round interviews. Additionally, VoiceScreener’s unique social networking features give hiring managers the ability to more efficiently gather internal feedback on interview responses and find candidates that match both the resume requirements and cultural fit of a position up to 70 percent faster than traditional methods.

For as little as $99 a month, small to mid-size businesses can sign up online and immediately begin using VoiceScreener at www.voicescreener.com. With VoiceScreener’s introductory plan, hiring companies can interview up to 180 candidates over the course of a year. If hiring needs increase, clients can purchase additional interviews in blocks of 25, 50 or 100. For companies with higher volume hiring, there is a $199 per month plan that provides up to 420 interviews annually.

“Small businesses need to be able to quickly calculate their ROI based on the amount of time saved by the array of online recruitment tools available today,” said Peter Weddle, online recruitment expert and author of the WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet. “VoiceScreener is not only achieving that ROI for their beta clients, but it is also managing to retain the human touch that is such an essential part of the recruiting process and has posed a challenge for online recruiting in the past.”

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  • Posted on: Monday, March 16th, 2009