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Looking for a new job? JobCompass, a newer iPhone application wants to help! It will cost you $3.99, if you didn’t get a 99 cent copy before Christmas. It’s worth the money, even compared to a free iPhone or iPod touch app from CareerBuilder.


If you are considering a job search app, I would recommend reading the reviews for both JobCompass and CareerBuilder, they say it all.  You’ll quickly notice on your own which one to go with.

After conducting 3 test searches using both apps on my iPhone, here are some additional observations to consider:

  • JobCompass has the best design by far.  It is fast, and easy to use, and has better user ratings on iTunes.
  • I received 2 error messages while using the CareerBuilder app – something I noticed was common when reading the reviews as well.  I did not experience this once with JobCompass.
  • If you are looking for a job, it would be in your best interest to use a tool that pulls in the most listings that meet your criteria.  This is the case with JobCompass as it pulls in listings real-time from, which just won “best job search site“.
  • CareerBuilder is pulling in listings from their site – which is limited in comparison to  In addition, you are not able to leverage your CareerBuilder profile, which limits the functionality even more.
  • In addition to searching millions of listings real-time, the JobCompass app pulls in listings and plots them on a map relative to your current location.


Future releases for JobCompass will include international expansion, additional searching capabilities, and more listings from other sites.  The goal is to have the most extensive job listing system on a mobile device.

While conducting a quick search using a mobile device with the current capabilities won’t replace a job seekers needs to research companies, try to find referrals, or quicly and conveniently apply on-line, JobCompass is by far the leader today.

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  • Posted on: Saturday, January 3rd, 2009