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By Molly Sly (@mollysly).

I’m waiting for my flight at the Orlando airport after attending the Kennedy Recruiting conference. The talk of the conference was social media and how it’s changing the way we recruit. As was stated in one of the sessions, social media has brought about the evolution of relationship marketing. In particular, Twitter was discussed constantly – in lines at Starbucks, in elevators, in the cyber lounge and of course, in several sessions.

On more than one occasion I had to take my Blackberry out to show someone what Twitter was and explain it’s purpose. Twitter is basically a microblog – a moment in time, much like your status updates on Facebook. As the Recruitment Manager for Campbell-Ewald advertising, we have been utilizing Twitter to find talent. In addition, there is a huge network of local tweeps (twitter + people) in Detroit that have Tweetups (meetups) about once a month. Twitter is actually the reason I was able to attend the conference. Jason Buss (@jjbuss) tweeted several weeks ago that he had a guest pass for the taking. I DM’ed (direct messaged) him that I would jump at the chance to have it. I was lucky, or just fast, but either way the pass was mine.

Jason asked me to do live tweets of the sessions that I attended under the @kennedyinfo handle. While normally I would take fervent notes, instead I tried to tweet about some of the highlights from each session. It was a way for people that couldn’t attend to see some of what was being discussed. This was a great learning experience for me on several fronts. I was able to sit in a variety of compelling sessions. I can’t help but walk away more motivated and passionate than when I arrived. I was able to meet some really stellar people like Jason Buss (@jjbuss), Maren Hogan (@marenhogan) and Shannon Seery Gude (@seerysm).

You can see all of the session updates by going to @kennedyinfo on Twitter. For those that attended the conference and are ready to get started on twitter – I have included some twitter 101 information below.

Twitter 101

  • Create a user-friendly Twitter ID (@yourname)
  • It’s your personal brand.
  • Search for people to follow.  You can use which is a directory of tweeps’ bios, or where you can serarch all twitter conversations.  You can also see who’s saying what by doing an @theirname search. You can see who they are following and choose to follow those people as well.
  • Follow the social media gurus. You can find out who these people are by viewing, and You can learn things by seeing what they tweet about, check out profiles and see who follows who.
  • Have a close-up picture – the avatar window is small so it should be a face shot.

Learn the lingo:

  • DM = direct message
  • @ = use to reply
  • RT = retweet
  • Tweet = sending a message on twitter
  • Tw + any other word = a fun practice is to find a new twist on old words (tworld, tweeple, etc.)

Finally, don’t just lurk around with all the people you are following and just keep track of what they are doing. Start replying to them with the ‘@’ command and start a dialog. Most people are too busy to have a full conversation with you but if someone you are following says something interesting, respond. There is nothing better than getting an @ reply from your followers.

Happy tweeting!

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  • Posted on: Friday, November 21st, 2008