Current Stats for The Talent Buzz Blog Post Contest 4 Comments

By Jason Buss.

11 writers entered the inaugural Talent Buzz Blog Post contest. Here are the standings (based on the number of unique visitors to their post):

  1. How I Used Twitter to Get Meetings with 3 CEOs and a VP of Recruiting in 2 Weeks, by Willy Franzen
  2. 5 Free Tools to Cure Your Social Network Fatigue and get Your Life Back!, by Josh Kahn
  3. I Disagree with Donato Diorio, by Irina Shamaeva
  4. Recruiter’s Digital Secrets – Exposed, by Nicole Bodem
  5. Resumes, Resumes, Resumes, by Kathy Jacobs
  6. The Party on the Interwebs, by Maren Hogan
  7. Keep in Touch, by Craig Houston
  8. Tips to Better Prepare Yourself for this Fall’s Career Fair Season, by Amod Damle
  9. Social Networking – The Friendship Paradise, by Dinesh Movva
  10. Is it Time for Back to School for Your Organization?, by Sean Conrad
  11. Can you Find the Right Job Based on Your Past?, by Alex Cantu

There was a lot of great content and ideas submitted, and with 5 days left, help out the writer of your favortie post by sharing it with your network.

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  • Posted on: Saturday, September 6th, 2008