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Principles for Defining a Successful Sourcing Strategy

September 10, 2008. 2pm to 3pm, EST.

Recruiting over the web is not just about adopting new and better tools. Fundamentally it involves a shift in our attitude towards candidate lead generation. Online sourcing does not just provide new technology but results in a restructuring of the recruitment cycle and culture. In order to implement an online strategy that’s specifically tailored to meet your company’s sourcing needs; you need to understand the challenges you will meet in the process.

In this session you will be challenged to think of your business culture, biases and pre-dispositions about online sourcing. You will be offered ways that sourcing can deliver value, qualitative improvement, improved framework, more effective, efficient talent acquisition. You will also be given ways to select the sourcing solution that is the best fit for your business lines, and that is highly adaptable while still delivering value.
Included in the presentation:

  • Approach sourcing from a modularized components framework
  • Build skills around foundational competencies
  • Leverage sourcing in existing recruitment functions
  • Drive new initiatives replacing redundant processes

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Talent Acquisition Systems: Update on Trends and Best Practices

September 17, 2008. 1pm to 2pm, EST.

Ed Newman presents the latest insight on the ever changing market for talent acquisition systems. A very popular presentation for ERE, this is Ed Newman’s third update on the market for talent acquisition solutions, and there is something new for everyone.

He’ll cover the changing technology landscape, including market consolidation, solutions with expanding capabilities, and the perennial search for solutions that will truly change the face of talent acquisition. What do technology providers have in store? How are companies changing their expectations? What will remain the same.

In addition, we will explore some of the forces that may shape your next talent technology decision. What does it really take to compete for talent today, and how will your approach likely to evolve in the future. These are key questions that we’ll explore–a great chance to gain insight that may affect your next talent technogy decision.

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Social Networking Sites

September 24, 2008. 1pm to 2pm, EST.

Join HR executives and other technology-decision makers for a one-of-a-kind webinar, “Social Networking Sites”. to hear more about virtual recruiting and social networking

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How to Source Quality Passive candidates

September 8, 2008. 2pm to 3pm, EST.

The course is designed for both trainee and experienced Recruiters, working on either a Direct Hire or Temporary/Contract staffing desk.

The course covers 8 key modules which are critical to successful passive candidate sourcing and include:

  • Critical factors to consider when recruiting passive candidates.
  • The different types of candidates that exist.
  • Recruiting passive candidates in a slowing economy.
  • What constitutes a healthy recruiting diet.
  • The pros & cons of working with passive candidates.
  • Points to be considered before working with passive candidates.
  • 10 commandments of passive candidate recruiting.
  • Where can you find passive candidates.

At the end of this course, the individual will have the immediate tools and skills to implement the effective sourcing of passive candidates within a live recruiting environment.

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Managing the Millennials: Getting the Most Out of This Generation of Twenty-Somethings.

September 17, 2008. 1pm to 2pm, EST.

Tired of hearing about Millennials without learning specific actionable strategies?Intern Bridge is pleased to welcome renowned Millennial expert Alexandra Levit for this special one-hour engagement. Participants will also receive a copy of Alexandra’s latest publication: Success For Hire.

Today’s twenty-something employees are ambitious, motivated, and dedicated to changing the business world for the better. However, without being told directly, it is hard for young employees to understand the importance of marketing themselves, getting to know the right people, adding tangible value to the organization, learning transferable skills, and charting their own career paths. In fact, twenty-somethings often experience lower productivity and higher turnover than other employees in organizations. This session will discuss how to employ core strategies that will make a difference in the degree to which twenty-somethings contribute to the bottom line and end up staying with organizations for the long-haul.

Program Outline

  • Millennials in the workplace
  • The good
  • The not-so-good
  • Types of organizations millennials want to work for
  • Types of managers millennials want to work for
  • What makes millennials tick
  • Best practices for managing millennials
  • Understanding millennial capabilities
  • Strategies to assist millennials:
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships
  • Build Flexible scheduling and assignments
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Achieve performance objectives
  • Prioritize skill acquisition
  • Adapt to the workplace culture
  • Build effective coworker association

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  • Posted on: Monday, September 8th, 2008