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By Jason Buss.

July sets another record for the job aggregator site,, with over 8 million unique visitors. Site traffic is up overall 94.9% for indeed through June, while traffic for its’ rival Simply Hired is down 11.9% the first half of this year.

Since some classify Jobster as an aggregator, I threw that in the comparison as well. You can also read my recent post: The Future of

How are job boards doing for traffic in 2008 compared to the aggregator sites?

While there is growth in pockets, especially for niche job boards, overall the big boards traffic continues to decline.  Depending on the site used to get web trends or traffic information, anyone can build a case for a site – whether it is related to site traffic, unique visitors, market share, household income, geography, etc.

According to, here is where and stand for the first half of 2008:

  • is down 3.5% for unique site visitors compared to last year, and down 2.9% for total visits.
  • is down 23.8% for unique site visitors compared to last year, and down 14% for total visits. Tough ROI on Super Bowl ads!

As stated in a recent post titled “What Would Happen if Job Boards Became Obsolete?:

The impact of job boards becoming obsolete (which they’re not anytime soon) would change recruiting as we know it. Have they made hiring quality talent more effectively and efficiently?

There are boards that continue evolving with changing technology, and they do deserve some credit.

What can you do? Be an innovator. Start testing the waters with alternative online recruiting methods before your competition. The other alternative is do your homework, prove the decline in site traffic, quality hires, and hiring ratio’s to negotiate a better deal. You may be surprised and save the 30% to 50% right there, and everything else becomes self funded.

Who doesn’t like to try new things, especially when they are self funded?

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, August 6th, 2008