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NotchUp has been testing its’ career agent site for months, and today opens its service to all businesses.

Since January, NotchUp has been approached by more than 1,000 companies to test run its service. 12 were selected based on diverse criteria to take an up close look and give it a try.

NotchUp has received plenty of criticism. The most common reported was that people would say yes to any interview because they were offered money. That hasn’t been the case – about 40% of interview offers are accepted.

New features on the site include:

  • When a user updates their professional profile or resume in Facebook, NotchUp automatically incorporates the changes.
  • Resume importing
  • Users can leverage the Facebook or OpenSocial messaging systems for NotchUp alerts.
  • Users can invite friends to join NotchUp through Facebook or OpenSocial.
  • Users can seamlessly import contacts from multiple address books.
  • Privacy features

According to NotchUp, they are changing the way recruiting is done, one interview at a time.

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  • Posted on: Tuesday, July 1st, 2008