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The 15 Most Searched Jobs Right Now

Which roles are the most job seekers currently hunting for?

To determine which opportunities are the most coveted right now, job search and salary comparison site Glassdoor broke down search data by occupation. The jobs that appear here are the most popular based on search activity on between May 1st and July 23rd, 2015.

At the top of the list, nationally, is Administrative Assistant. Currently, a search for “Administrative Assistant” on Glassdoor yields more than 600,000 results.

Project Manager, Customer Service Representative, Receptionist, and Executive Assistant round out the top five most searched job. With the exception of Receptionist–which has upwards of 44,000 postings, currently–each yields more than 600,000 results.

The report also tracks which jobs are the most sought-after in particular geographies. Tech jobs, obviously, are the most searched on the west coast, with Senior Software Development Engineer, Senior Java Developer, and Senior Software Engineer the top jobs for the region. Outside of tech, Flight Attendant, Pharmacist, and Bartender also garnered healthy interest from those on the job hunt.

Business roles claimed top priority among job seekers in the Midwest, with “Supervisor” and “Managerial” both top searches, followed by jobs like Graphic Designer and Financial Analyst. Meanwhile, job seekers in the south demonstrated with most varied interests, hunting for roles like HR Manager,Welder, Phlebotomist, Flight Attendant, Reservoir Engineer and Border Patrol Agent.

On the East Coast, searches mostly focused on highly-skilled positions like Senior Scientist, Attorney, Registered Nurse, and Business Analyst.

The 15 Most Searched Jobs Right Now

1. Administrative Assistant

2. Project Manager

3. Customer Service Representative

4. Receptionist

5. Executive Assistant

6. Graphic Designer

7. Manager

8. Software Engineer

9. Business Analyst

10. Cashier

11. Account Executive

12. Sales Representative

13. Account Manager

14. Financial Analyst

15. Accountant

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  • Posted on: Friday, August 7th, 2015