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There is no shortage of technology or tools for recruiters or sales professionals, but factoring in engaging with candidates and leads is the key to success in closing deals and generating referrals.

The knowledge you have at your fingertips within seconds matters, and that is the case with these 4 tools for recruiting and sales professionals.  Each one of them is about connecting and engaging with your networks (or leads).

The best part, they are all free.

  1. The first tool is hachi. This is an incredible site that merges your social graphs and connections from all of your networks. And, in the case of multiple paths, it can compute the smartest path to get there via something called the “Path Score.” Hachi looks at factors like similar company, school and common friends. Example: Path from John via Facebook, who knows Susan via Facebook, who knows Charlie via Twitter.
  2. The second is a great app from Sales Loft which I mentioned a few weeks ago – you can find at JobChangeAlerts.com. With the free service you log in w/ your LinkedIn credentials and it sends you a daily email digest every morning of job changes and transitions, promotions, and birthdays from people in your network. It’s a great tool for engaging and connecting with your network.
  3. Yes, people still use business cards! Cardmunch, another LinkedIn acquisition, is a powerful app run by humans – not computers. With the app you can take a picture of any business card. Every business card you submit is transcribed, edited and reviewed by multiple workers to guarantee accuracy. They even crop the company logos from business cards. Cardmunch also features 1-Tap LinkedIn Invites, full text search, syncing contacts into address books, and an easy “sharing” feature.
  4. Last but not least is the email contextual contact plugin (another LinkedIn acquisition) called Rapportive.  This social CRM tool will show you everything you need to know about your email senders including who they are, any of their social profiles connected to their email address, whether or not you are connected to them, their latest activity, their location, and the ability to take notes or quickly view previous messages from them.

Great tools like these never replace the art, skill, or competence of great recruiters or sales professionals – but they are an asset for engagement and efficiency.  Know of other free tools you’d recommend? Share any in the comments section.

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  • Posted on: Thursday, May 10th, 2012