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Ask a job seeker, and they’ll tell you it doesn’t take long before they get lost or frustrated online during their job search. For starters the amount of duplicate job content has, at a minimum, doubled in the past year alone.  From the tens of thousands of job boards, aggregator sites, and social recruiting approaches, who can blame them.

Corporate career sites have long been the answer to engaging and converting site visitors to candidates (or applicants).  With all of the technology and targeted search capabilities for job seekers, you’d expect the conversion rates to be higher than 10% on a visit to your site.  Sure, maybe they visited your career site from work and will apply later from home, or they started the online application and left before finishing it – given the redundant and cumbersome process.  Or who knows – it’s a stretch, possibly they were distracted because they had to answer the phone (a recruiter actually called them).

Enter ReTargeter.  The concept isn’t new, and has been used competitively in the B2B and B2C space for years.  How does it work? It’s pretty simple.  Someone visits your web site, and they leave your web site.  Later they surf the web and a service like ReTargeter recaptures their interest to get back to your site via online ads on nearly any site they visit, and voila they come back.


It’s no different in recruiting.  Here are 5 examples to consider – with the goal of serving up unique ads to the following online destinations:

  • Corporate Career Site:  Drive traffic back to your careers or job listing pages
  • Social Recruiting:  Engage potential candidates via your social channels
  • Talent Community:  Easy opt-in via LinkedIn credentials or business card capture (no Resume or user name / password required)
  • Referral Network:  Effectively leverage social job sharing via your online channels
  • Event Marketing:  Target users from specific geographic areas to attend a campus recruiting event, information session, or career fair

I had a chance to connect with the ReTargeter team and further discuss the benefits and advantages of their service.  Hafez Adel, Director of Marketing at ReTargeter shared, “Getting noticed online is pointless if nobody remembers you. ReTargeter helps brands stand out amidst all of the noise and stay top of mind with customers, even on a small advertising budget”.

Customers have seen up to a 5X increase in conversions, a bounce rate decrease up to 20%, and up to 1500% higher CTR than traditional direct buy ads.  A service like this might make sense to consider given the ease of use, the specific niche targeting possibilities, and a very cost effective model of re-targeting candidates (compared to other online recruiting approaches).

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  • Posted on: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012