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Over the past month at a couple of networking and educational sessions I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with 50 other Fortune 500 Recruiting Executives and Leaders. The time, the networking, and the conversation were all invaluable. So, what’s on the top of everyone’s mind?


Driving a competitive advantage, and building additional capacity for Recruiters given workloads and business demands are at the forefront and were key topics.  These will be explored further over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, here are some of the overall themes and comments on recruiting, successes, challenges, and vendors.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn was by far touted as one of the most valuable sourcing and networking tools on the market today for Corporate Recruiting organizations. Some examples given were the results of LinkedIn as a hiring source, with ranges between 5% to 20% of the total hires. One company has seen their results quadruple in the past 12 months by using LinkedIn.

Job Boards: There wasn’t one company that discussed an increase in job board spending. In fact, a lot of the conversation was around decreasing spend and utilizing those dollars for other initiatives from process improvements to new recruiting and sourcing technologies.

Reference Checks: There was a lot of discussion in using services for background checks. The one company that everyone was talking about was Checkster, and the value they’ve seen from their investment in addition to the capacity it’s given recruiters to do their day job… Recruit.

SEO and SEM: Continued conversations about the impact and results from organizations leveraging services from companies including Jobs2Web and TMP.

Job Aggregators: Continued success and frustration with sites like Indeed. Success from traffic and hires, and frustration examples outlined in job seekers beware as well as constant calls begging for sponsored jobs.

Social Recruiting: It was a pleasant surprise not to have this as a topic everyone is raving about. It was quite the opposite, and some of the conversation focused on the online job mess taking place.

While none of this is ground breaking, it’s always interesting to get an inside view into successes and challenges organizations are having both internally and externally with vendors and the self proclaimed “experts”.

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  • Posted on: Monday, September 13th, 2010